The symbolic elements of our logo relate to the heritage and statewide impact of our eight-campus university system. NOTE: It is critical that the university logo be used properly and within accepted guidelines. Private vendors wishing to use these logos on salable merchandise must contact Collegiate Licensing for rights and terms of use. All administrative, academic, research and student service units of the University of South Carolina must follow these graphic guidelines. The approved university logo should be used conspicuously on all university communications, preferably on the front cover of the printed materials, on all pages of websites and opening and closing frames of all video and broadcast spots.
For your reference here I am providing you the screenshot of pages you would be forwarded while following the above procedure. Other Discussions related to this topic Thread South carolina admissions tax University of south carolina admission prices University of south carolina admissions undergraduate University of South Carolina Columbia Admissions Requirements University of South Carolina MBA Admission Requirements University Of South Carolina Upstate Admissions Office University of South Carolina Freshman Admissions Requirements University of South Carolina Beaufort Admissions Office Address University Of South Carolina Admissions Status Check University of South Carolina MFA Admissions Myrtle Beach University South Carolina University of South Carolina Undergraduate Admissions Office Address University of South Carolina MSW Admissions University Of South Carolina Admissions Statistics University of South Carolina in Columbia Admissions University of South Carolina Graduate Admissions Statistics University Of South Carolina Admissions Phone University Of South Carolina Engineering Admissions University Of South Carolina Admissions Letters University Of South Carolina Professional MBA Have a Facebook Account? The University of South Carolina opened the New Tailgating Experience today for their first home game of the season. Slaves served as the unseen but vital work force that kept South Carolina College operating on a daily basis. Slaves quite literally built the college, providing the labor and skilled knowledge necessary to work under contractors who received credit for each building’s completion. The incomplete, fragmented nature of records of college slaves makes recreating their world a challenge. The gates represent the opportunities provided by higher education and are a direct architectural link to the original campus Horseshoe.

It must always be reproduced with its original proportions and should never be stretched or distorted. In order for the University of South Carolina to compete successfully for students, faculty and support, we must build a strong identity that distinguishes us from other institutions and projects our stature as South Carolina's flagship and major comprehensive university. These standards apply to all external and internal communications, including brochures, catalogs, advertising, websites, email, mobile applications, as well as broadcast and recorded media. Under this section you will see undergraduates admissions, graduate admissions, School of Law, School of Medicine etc. They also performed daily maintenance work by building fences and making repairs, as well as domestic tasks like cooking and tending gardens. In many cases, we are left with straightforward descriptions of tasks and occasional first names.
They apply to grant proposals, PowerPoint presentations, policy statements, posters, banners, stationery and invitations to name a few examples. Presidents and professors rarely mention slaves in their memoirs or personal correspondence, and most mention of their interaction with students appears as disciplinary reports of students abusing or taunting slaves. Professors were provided with outbuildings in which to house their personal slaves, and although students were forbidden from bringing slaves to campus, hired-out or college-owned slaves cleaned student living quarters and served their meals. Still, an understanding of southern urban slavery and the daily work slaves did can help us imagine how they might have lived. What's more, the palmetto is an obvious tie to the state of South Carolina and underscores our position as the state's flagship institution with locations throughout the state.
Private vendors wishing to use the logo on salable merchandise must contact Collegiate Licensing for rights and terms of use.

The importance of slaves to the college’s antebellum years deserves to be acknowledged, as incomplete as our records are.
Slaves even played a role in the college’s educational mission by cleaning library books and taking care of laboratory equipment. As you think about the Horseshoe on today’s campus, try to picture slaves chopping wood or repairing buildings as students and professors stroll across the grounds. The use of the 1801 founding date emphasizes a proud heritage as we continue in our third century of service. The proportions and spacing of the logo must remain constant and file images should not be stretched or distorted. Working in a small community situated within the growing town of Columbia, slaves at South Carolina College would likely have been aware of the activities of enslaved and free blacks in the city, though we cannot know much of any specific involvement. This perspective offers a new and sometimes challenging way to consider antebellum college life, but it ultimately leads to a richer, more accurate portrait of South Carolina College.
When used appropriately, the university logo graphically represent these characteristics in a clear and consistent manner.

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