A power of attorney is a legal document that is used to grant authority to a person to act on another person’s behalf.
Power of attorney forms can be drafted to take care of all the principal’s affairs, including personal and financial issues, or can be tailored to a specific matter like medical and health care. Most often the attorney-in-fact will be the spouse, grown children, siblings or friends of the principal. A power of attorney form is a legal document that gives a person named by you the right to make decisions about your life for you in case you are unable to. With a power of attorney, you are safeguarding the fact that, by chance or disease or travel or whatever, if something happens to you in the future, someone that you trust will have the legal power to take care of your needs the way you would want them to. Sign for you on any type of financial documentation including tax forms, banking accounts and stock certificates. Remember that your agent should be someone that you trust wholeheartedly and is responsible. To learn more about the different kinds of power of attorney, click on any of the forms below.
There is also a type of power of attorney that is needed when you want to cancel or revoke your power of attorney. We offer the largest database full of the most popular free power of attorney forms on the Internet. An unlimited power of attorney form gives your chosen agent the authority to take care of any and all financial matters that you yourself could take care of but for some reason can’t. Unlimited power of attorney should only be given in circumstances when you are sure that you want someone else to act in your place for all transactions involving financial or property decisions.
In case you are unsure, an unlimited power of attorney has to do with financial matters and does not have anything to do with health care decisions – you need a medical or health care power of attorney for that. Unlimited power of attorney is used to give someone you trust the authority to perform any and all acts that you are unable to do yourself involving financial and business affairs. So, if you are planning on giving someone unlimited power of attorney, make sure that you trust that person with your life because they will become a virtual clone of you and will be able to make all financial decisions that you would have previously made yourself. To fill out an unlimited power of attorney form, you start by entering the full legal name and address of the PRINCIPAL – person granting unlimited power of attorney. After the agent’s information is entered in your unlimited power of attorney form, you will see the list of affairs or transactions that the ATTORNEY-IN-FACT is authorized to handle.

The PRINCIPAL will then sign and date the unlimited power of attorney form in the presence of the notary public. Finally, the notary public will sign and seal the document to execute your unlimited power of attorney.
Our sample unlimited power of attorney form has all of the information needed to draft your own POA. My attorney-in-fact is granted full power to act on my behalf in the same manner as if I were personally present.
My attorney-in-fact shall not be compensated for his or her services nor shall my attorney-in-fact be liable to me, my estate, heirs, successors, or assigns for acting or refraining from acting under this document, except for willful misconduct or gross negligence.
Revocation of this document is not effective unless a third party has actual knowledge of such revocation.
On _____________________ , 20 _____ , _______________________________ personally came before me and, being duly sworn, did state that he or she is the person described in the above document and that he or she signed the above document in my presence.
We currently offer over 500 state identified, free POA forms for personal and business use. The PRINCIPAL, or person signing the power of attorney, allows the ATTORNEY-IN-FACT, or the person receiving power of attorney, to act as their agent and make decisions for them. Whatever the situation calls for, rest assured there is a power of attorney form to suit your needs.
The attorney-in-fact is responsible for all the decisions made for the principal when given power of attorney. If for any reason you cannot make a decision, the agent or attorney-in-fact named in your POA can legally step in and take care of your affairs without interference from the courts. This form is called a Revocation of Power of Attorney and must be drafted whenever you change your power of attorney.
You can fill a power of attorney form out online, then print your state identified POA form in a PDF or word document and save your file online to keep it safe. When you are ready to start a power of attorney, we are the #1 choice to help you find the power of attorney forms you’ll need. Also, unlimited power of attorney automatically terminates if the principal becomes mentally incapacitated or disabled – you would need a durable financial power of attorney for that. Be very sure that you trust your agent completely when signing an unlimited power of attorney form.

An unlimited power of attorney form is very useful when you need someone else to perform any and all possible transactions in your place. Then, enter the full legal name and address of the ATTORNEY-IN-FACT – person receiving unlimited power of attorney. An unlimited POA will be written to give your ATTORNEY-IN-FACT the maximum power to perform all financial transactions and business affairs.
And, the ATTORNEY-IN-FACT will sign a statement that he or she accepts the appointment as your agent.
Cut and paste this unlimited POA form to a word document or PDF and change it to fit your needs.
My attorney-in-fact accepts this appointment and agrees to act in my best interest as he or she considers advisable.
You can download an unlimited power of attorney form in just a couple of seconds online, then print out your unlimited POA and complete the document on your own. It is very important that when selecting your attorney-in-fact you trust this person completely.
For the next step, the two witnesses must sign, the unlimited power of attorney form is dated and your state and county information is entered.
Give a copy to your agent and keep your original document in a safe place where it can be easily found by your loved ones.
This power of attorney may be revoked by me at any time and is automatically revoked upon my death or incapacitation. Once power of attorney is signed, your attorney-in-fact will now act in your capacity and make decisions for you.
For example, your spouse can be your primary agent and an adult child could be your secondary agent.
However, you can be sure that there are a wealth of free power of attorney forms online that will take care of your affairs.

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