Various means of communication include letters, emails, body movements, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact etc.
You may not be conscious while communicating non-verbally because it happens mostly at a very low level of self-awareness. It states that 55%of our communication is through facial expressions, 38% includes tone of voice and 7%includes verbal communication. Body postures- when you stand slouching it shows you are inattentive while your upright posture demonstrates your interest in the subject being discussed before you. For instance, don’t you feel uncomfortable when a stranger stands really close to you say in lift or sits overly close to you on the park’s bench. I am sure after reading this piece you have gained a fair knowledge about communication types and how they represent our behaviour and individuality.

We are blessed to have the ability to speak, perceive and express, so use your skills aptly.
Because before we had words and language we had sounds, facial inflection, and body gestures to signify our needs. Knowing the material, natural facial expressions, and facing the  audience are all good nonverbal things to practice when public  speaking. But knowing the classification and appropriate usage of different types of communication is significantly necessary, especially when you are working in a corporate sector. Your technical skills may fetch you a job but your extraordinary communication skills can make you a leader. But seldom we are unaware of the form of communication we are using to define ourselves and convey our message.

Your eye movements are expressive of love, respect, trust, anger, jealousy, grief, passion, and everything. For example, the twinkle of an eye can convey a message at the subliminal level and imply more than words can describe.

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