Increase the productivity of your entire retail sales team with customer service skills training and retail sales training programs available at GCT. GCT offers management and leadership development programs that will improve the team building, strategic planning and decision making of your executive team.
We saw an immediate increase in our sales units for the following two months by more than 20%! Working with Patrick Giordano my organization saw a 30% increase in sales close rates from the first day on the floor that has been sustained as a department for over 4 months. GCT is one of the top corporate training and employee development companies providing corporate training, learning and development programs for Call Centers, Field Sales, Retail Sales and Executive Management since 1990.
How do you elevate the carryout segment of one of the American heartland’s favorite sit-down family restaurants?
With the introduction of a fresh and modern retail enclave filled with convenient and tempting treats. Besides serving a new business segment of on-the-go customers, the Bob Evans restaurant carryout nook is driving up dining-in sales as well. As the social and economic center of Maine, Portland has historically been known for fishing, agriculture, and manufacturing, but what you may not know is it’s also home to some really interesting retail.
The retail space on Commercial Street brings together brands Portland Dry Goods and SEAWALL to create a hipster boutique offering product all decidedly “Maine”—heavy winter coats, boat shoes and duck boots, and even orange fisherman slickers.
Hannah Kubiak got the idea for Sea Bags from her dad when he first started Port Canvas Company. With consumers craving a more artisinal approach to beverages with everything from coffees to cocktails it’s no surprise that the concept would lend itself to soda. It’s no surprise that hip and trendy retail brand Urban Outfitters would choose an old bank for their retail location on Middle Street in Portland’s coveted Old Port. GCT can improve the skills of your sales team with our on-site corporate field sales training programs.

Patrick and his team worked within our company’s budget and made it very easy for us to do business with them.
He was able to jump into an unstructured project in a new business venture, quickly design an effective approach, and assemble a virtual team to bring it to completion. What began as a directive to garner a piece of the catering and carryout pie turned into a brand-extending makeover that continues to roll out to nearly one-quarter of the company’s 700+ restaurants across 18 states. The retailer features local Maine designers as well as contemporary, American classic brands like Shinola, Red Wing and Gant just to name a few. Groups or individuals sign up for sessions where you are led by an artist through creating a painting, while taking advantage (should you choose) of their full service bar at the same time.
The brand leveraged historical elements like the ornate columns and molding, exposed brick walls, and the original tile floor to give the experience even more character. We continue to utilize Patrick and his development techniques and have plans for continued sessions throughout the year. Patrick Giordano takes a personal interest in his clients and the individuals he works with.
Partnering with her best friend they created a brand to design and manufacturer homemade tote bags and accessories from recycled sails. It’s an interesting concept to think of taking a traditional solo activity like painting and turning it into a social experience. They offer an array of items any cocktail enthusiast would get excited about—think interesting bitters, fun drink mixers, and vintage glassware. They also kept the original bank vault, which is now used as a room for sale items, and the cashwrap was cleverly made entirely out of safety deposit boxes.
Regardless of the project or request, he finds a way to exceed expectations by over delivering on his promises. Authentic sails serve as area rugs, weathered wood tables feature glass cases for accessory products, metal baskets and old luggage pieces merchandise product on shelf displays, while material swatches are on display to support the quality material and construction of the products featured.

Even the less experienced painter is encouraged in this environment to pick up a brush (and maybe a glass) without the pressure of having to feel like Picasso.
The bar in the upstairs area is where they make fizzy favorites like Maine Fire and mocktail creations like the Dim & Stormy. It’s nice to see a national retailer come into a community primarily known for local businesses to embrace and enhance the history of the original space. Big brands like J.Crew have even caught wind of the concept and partnered to bring the Portland product to their consumers.
Muse also donates 5% of profits to local causes and hosts fundraisers, which is another nice tie in with the community.
Husband and wife team, Johanna and Steve, who created the concept named it after Johanna’s great grandmother who played a role in the temperance movement of the 1900’s. And while the brand has grown over the years, they still maintain the same location tucked away on the working waterfront, which adds to the authenticity of the experience. With five other locations throughout the northeast region, we think they could be on to something.
So, while they may not currently have a liquor license to serve any adult versions of the custom creations, it seems like it may be a logical next step for the store. I have sent many people through Patrick’s programs and have always heard positive feedback about their experience and skill development. The location is mostly manufacturing so when you walk in you can see them processing the donated sails and sewing the bags, but there’s still a small space dedicated to retail with various bags out on prominent display.

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