New York Daily News Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014 It's the most wonderful time of the year! More Galleries Hollywood moms before and after baby The cast of 'Thelma & Louise': Where are they now?
Continue to Gallery Next Previous Next Replay Next Gallery The cast of 'Thelma & Louise': Where are they now? Victoria’s Secret is one of the most popular lingerie, women’s wear and beauty products retailers in the world. When the now-famed Victoria's Secret Fashion Show pink plane landed in London, its guests (including about 40 Angels) were greeted by a very sexy Brazilian accent projected over the loud speakers. AA: The first show that I did, we took a flight from JFK — so it’s actually very similar to this — to Cannes.
PS: How do you get into that Victoria’s Secret Angel persona before you go out on the catwalk? PS: You have such a full resume between your own lifestyle brand and all of the campaigns you’ve done. AA: I have been so busy lately, and I love everything I do, so I just want to keep doing my best. AA: I don’t really have much — just a lip balm and vitamin C serum and moisturiser for when I take the makeup off. AA: Washing my face and putting on a toner or something to really take all of the makeup off.
Though the annual show has been held in New York over the past three years, it is not new to traveling, having been held in cities such as Cannes and LA.
The Angels hit the runway for the highly anticipated annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Dec.
Alessandra Ambrosio is working as Victoria’s Secret angels since 2004 but she signed to company in 2000. As Alessandra Ambrosio welcomed the crew of models, editors, and publicists to London, there were excited cheers and squeals.

She's considered one of the highest paid models in the biz, according to Forbes, thanks to countless campaigns for brands like Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Armani Exchange.
Barts with my kids, and it was nice to get a little tan and do some outdoor exercises, like walking, running on the beach, and swimming. We are always so busy, so it’s good to be out together and share all of these experiences that we’ve been going through for years. I’ve been working out and prepping for the show, so that’s not the moment to worry about it any more. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed! The big announcement was given in London at the brand’s store on the famous Bond Street. Televised in over 190 countries and tweeted about worldwide, few fashion fans miss the event.
She has been fashion-obsessed for as long as she can remember, with various phases from practicing runway walks as a pre-teen to painting on Twiggy-inspired eyelashes in high school to gaining a shopping addiction as a college student.
It’s today possible to find shops of Victoria’s secret in various places from America to Canada, Bahrain to London. She firstly started to work with company on 2005 and became Victoria’s Secret angel on 2008. It's clear that Alessandra (or Ale, as she goes by) is the team leader of the Victoria's Secret cast. Last Spring, she launched her own fashion brand, Ale by Alessandra, with a blog that includes beauty and style tips.
We’ve been working together for Victoria’s Secret for so long, so we know each other and we’re friends, so it’s nice that we get to share this amazing moment on the runway. In addition to this new location, the fashion show will be able to hold a larger audience of 3,000 spectators– three times its usual size.
There are usually musical acts during the show; in past years, we have seen Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Robyn has an incessant need to travel, but when she is home, she can usually be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or spending time with her dogs.
In first runway shows of 90s, Victoria’s Secret angels were Helena Christensen, Stephanie Seymour, Daniela Pestova, Karen Mulder and Tyra Banks. And to top it off, she has two kids with businessman Jamie Mazur (and still looks flawless). I love yoga, but I do it more after the show, because before I want to do something that makes me stronger rather than stretching.
I interviewed Miss Do-It-All on said pink plane to uncover some of those Brazilian beauty secrets, how she gets into Angel mode, and what we can expect from this year's Fantasy Bra.
This year, I had to do this mould, because there are all of these body chains that hug our bodies. After made an advertisement campaign and runway with supermodels, a group called Victoria’s Secret Angels started to make preparement. It’s such a fashion city — a fashion-statement place — that Victoria’s Secret fits perfect with it.
And when you get there, it goes so quickly that you just have to have fun and enjoy every moment. They firstly named as Runway Angels but then public started to announce them as Victoria’s Secret Angels.
When the show starts with the music and the lights go on, the adrenaline hits your body, and you can feel anxious.

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