Cincinnati Children's expert gives tips to parents on how to prepare their child to return to school. Smith advises parents to begin talking about school a couple weeks before it starts, and to listen closely for their children's fears or concerns. Parents should catch the moment when fears or worries are expressed, and empathize by saying something like, "It sounds like you're kind of worried about this next year," Dr.
Rogers'" series on going to school, which is an excellent set of shows devoted to the child who will soon enter school.Tears inevitably will be part of younger children's return to school, but Dr.

Even if school supply lists include specific items, parents should allow children some freedom to buy something they want, such as a particularly cool pencil pack, he says.With older children and teens, parents should emphasize that going back to school is a new beginning. The notion of a fresh start is usually appealing to children, and can help neutralize bad feelings about school."If a child has an extreme dread of school, have specialists evaluate the child for learning disabilities, family issues or other potential causes," Dr. For example, if teenagers dread school because they were disorganized and fell behind last year, parents can help their children set a goal of becoming more organized, and help them achieve it by buying a daily planner, showing them how to use it to meet class assignments and monitoring it for the first couple of weeks, Dr. I did the best I could.' " Communication is a key factor for parents to build good relationships with children, from preschool-age into the teen years.

Parents should also remember that children of all ages need and benefit from praise and respect for their efforts, even if they fall short of honors.

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