Wald's 10252 training wheels are designed to mount on most single speed bicycles with 16- to 20-inch wheels and are intended for use by riders weighing up to 100 pounds.
Help your young ones learn to ride safely by installing Wald Training Wheels on their two-wheelers. Terms and Conditions: We hold the right to disapprove, expire, or revoke any Price Machine Request or resulting Price Machine Coupon Code at any time.

Wald has been making bicycle accessories right here in the USA for nearly 100 years and their training wheels are carefully crafted for easy installation and excellent reliability. The training wheels can also be mounted onto bicycles with 1.25-inch rear frame tubes when the frame adapters are not used.
Wald Training Wheels fit children's bicycles sized 12 to 16 inches so you can move them from bike to bike as your kids grow, too.

We hold the right to review a Price Machine Request at any time to determine if the request was valid and correct.

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