Writing a to-do list is an essential habit if you want to practice good time management in the workplace.But it's so easy to add tasks to it as and when they crop up, building an ever growing list of things to do.The result?
People give themselves more work to do when they unnecessarily volunteer or agree to do something.
Often, a huge pile of paperwork or an inbox full of emails is the signal to cherry pick whatever attracts your interest.
Whatever it is, if it didna€™t get done, add it to your a€?next daya€™ actions again until it gets completed. While many Minnesotans were still asleep, the zombies arrived —by light rail— in downtown Minneapolis. Those who were brave enough to walk toward the zombies instead of running away were rewarded for their courage. What do you think of the zombies invading Minnesota and the new The Walking Dead® scratch game?
The Minnesota Lottery blog exists to highlight and showcase the great people, events, and uniqueness of the state of Minnesota.

On the AMC drama, Wilson plays a farmer and recovering alcoholic who's part of a band of survivors after a zombie apocalypse. The arresting officer wrote in a report that Wilson said he'd been drinking scotch and wine at a restaurant.
The easier they are to use, the more you will be inclined to actually use them.Never rest on your laurels.
They staggered, wheezing and groaning, off the light rail train at Government Plaza Station just as the sun began to rise on September 16. Commuters who took a chance by going into the Zombie Zone to spin the giant zombie prize wheel left with The Walking Dead® scratch tickets and The Walking Dead® merchandise. The officer says Wilson was swaying and asked to do yoga poses instead of a field sobriety test.
It doesna€™t matter how long you do it for - just do it every day until you get to the point where you know what goes where. That’s why thousands of zombies will descend on downtown Minneapolis’ Warehouse District on Saturday, October 11 for the Zombie Pub Crawl.

So, get your clothes laid out, know where your keys, phone and other personal items are, and have everything ready to go.Your pre-work routine can be continually refined. Your working day will flow smoothly, and youa€™ll reduce unnecessary stress.This is important, whether you're starting out or more experienced. As the day goes on, put everything that doesna€™t have to be done today in a single a€?next daya€™ tray.At the end of Monday, write down every one-off task you have to do tomorrow (Tuesday).
You may even get to the point where, if you drive, you park your car to face the right way!

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