A TV sitcom-version of the 2003 feature film about a guy sentenced to anger management counseling with an aggressive instructor.
Charlie finds out that the woman he's dating is Kate's patient, but he has sex with her anyway. Charlie is alarmed when one of his patients from his prison group is released and then becomes involved with his ex-wife Jennifer.
Charlie and Kate go to Charlie's sister's baby shower even though he hasn't seen her for ten years, and the group is convinced that Ed's daughter is a lesbian.
2013-01-17Charlie is convinced that his dad is faking Alzheimer's, and Nolan has a breakthrough with Patrick's help.
Charlie decides to engage in deception therapy to help Ed deal with his anger issues, and Jennifer asks Charlie to hang out with Kate. Charlie runs into problems after Cee Lo Green hires him as his personal therapist, and things unexpectedly heat up when Lacey hires Nolan to be her photographer.
Charlie and Kate are opposing expert witnesses in a trial, and Charlie gives Nolan homework to get in touch with his feelings. Lindsay Lohan hires Charlie to be her anger management therapist on the set of a commercial, but Charlie winds up sleeping with her and gets her in trouble after the paparazzi get a hold of it. Charlie may be forced to move the therapy group out of his house after Lacey gets into a fight with one of his neighbors, while Kate goes with Jennifer to help find a dress for Sam. After Sam finds out her favorite horse is in equine therapy, Charlie has an idea for a bonding experience for his therapy group. Charlie gets Nolan a job with Kate, and uses him to spy on her when Nolan discovers an envelope with dirty pictures in it. Problems arise when Charlie and his dad coach a baseball team together, and Kate takes over Charlie's group during his coaching gig. Charlie is convinced that Sean is cheating on Jennifer with Lacey, and Ed and Patrick help Nolan after his apartment is robbed. Ed moves in with Martin, who suddenly decides to be "charitable" to his family after he runs somebody over with his car. 2013-12-12Charlie's bad-girl patient gets sentenced to house arrest and moves in with Charlie. A drunken binge gets Charlie in jail and an appearance before the Ethics Committee, and his therapy group searches for a new therapist to replace him.
Charlie convinces Jordan to pose as the fiancée of a member of his prison group, and Lacey and Patrick gamble away part of Lacey's parents' money. Mild-mannered timid businessman Dave Buznik who works for a pet clothing company out of New York City.
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Ed is complaining about his wife getting a DVR and skipping over the commercials which he likes. Meanwhile, he encourages his therapy group to call each other when facing moments of weakness. He's got a loving girlfriend, Linda, whose best friend is her condescending college ex, Andrew.
But when a misunderstanding aboard an airplane goes haywire, Dave is ordered by the court to undergo anger management therapy at the hands of specialist Dr. He turns to a group of people sitting on couches and chairs in a posh living room and says that Bobo is there to help them work out their anger. Ed says it's not that it's that he's cried twice in the last 20 years it's been over commercials.
For you see Charlie Goodson is an anger management therapist.We learn that he used to be a minor league ballplayer. Charlie calls it a day before Patrick can share and he gets angry.Sam arrives with Jennifer. As the relationship between Dave and Buddy becomes more tense, when the unorthodox treatment wreaks havoc Dave's life, and Buddy might be the only one who can save him from a problem he recognizes right away in his patient, that could only get worse. When he finally got called up to the majors, he was so angry when a fan caught a foul ball that would've been an out if Charlie had caught it, he got so angry that he tried to break a bat over his knee. He then went back to school to become a therapist to help others deal with their anger issues.He shows this video to his therapy group, most of whom mock him for it.
She's still nervous but he tells her not to be, but admits that's just a load of crap his dad laid on him.Sam heads upstairs and Charlie finds Jennifer's erotica. But then he admits that the best therapist he knows is also a woman he is sleeping with, his best friend Kate.
After one session, however, they decide that the no sex between patients and therapists rule was put in place to protect patients who weren't therapists and consider trying to make it work by having him serve as her therapist as well so they're on a level playing field.Affter working on his problems Charlie goes to Jen's house and apologizes to her boyfriend. She says it's just harmless fun like all the women he slept with when they were married.In therapy with Kate, Charlie grouses about Jen's romance novel. Kate is nervous about the outfit she's wearing to a televised trial in which she's appearing as an expert witness so she begins to take off her clothes .Charlie misinterprets this as an invitation to sex. Charlie gives Kate Patrick's number since he's a personal shopper.In her new afterschool club, Sam and her friends obsess about college. She starts to tell her tale: she is from a small town in Wisconsin and once met a guy who changed her life and gave her hope.
She used to be fat and unnattactive and one day this attractive ballplayer came into the diner where she worked and picked her to sleep with. Charlie says he's disappointed but not surprised.Charlie meets with his pro bono prison group.

But then she heard from a friend about "slumpbusters." This is apparently a tradition in which a ballplayer will find the ugliest woman he can to sleep with in order to break a hitting slump. One convict shares a "success story" about how he went through the steps to control his anger when he thought the Lil Debbie snacks he was going to have as anniversary treat with another convict were stolen. Patrick says what everyone is thinking, "who didn't see that coming?" Charlie didn't recognize her because she lost 100 pounds and got plastic surgery.Since Charlie has "evolved" he feels terrible that he did this to Mel and wants to make it up to her, even though she's clearly an unstable stalker. So he offers to make dinner for her and calls it a date.Jen and Sam happen to come over during his apology "date" and are impressed that Charlie would date a woman so average. Another convict shares his story about a woman leaving him and it turned out that she was stolen by his friend. Another convict counsels going to his work to track him down since "the ho left you."Charlie goes to Parick's work. Later that night at his house, Mel feigns an allergic reaction and runs off to the kitchen and tells Charlie to come in. He turns her down and she's sad that even though she's changed her outward appearance he still doesn't want her.
He says he did it for the family since he was trying to break out of his slump and be a successful player.
Charlie says he's making a mistake and needs to continue with him but that Kate is a great therapist.He meets Kate for dinner and calls her out.
He says her therapy-style is going to make him backslide since she's rewarding Patrick's passive-aggressive behavior.
Sam comes down and explains she made up that story to put off the girls who said she was never going to have sex because of her OCD. Jen blames Charlie for having filth around but Sam says it was Jen's books she was quoting from. Charlie and Jen talk about the book and she admits it is a turn on, it's about making someone feel wanted, passion.
Charlie translates this to Patrick and goes to him and dramatically declares that he needs Patrick back in the group. Patrick falls for it but is mad Charlie doesn't "carry him off." Charlie points out he has a bad back.

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