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The manager of the negative assets sector of Life magazine, Walter Mitty, has been working for sixteen years for the magazine and has a tedious life, not going anywhere but from his home to his job and vice-versa. You are now on the page of a The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which includes such genres as Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy.
Pierrot le fou movie, Divorce - Italian Style movie, Star Trek Into Darkness movie, The Wolf of Wall Street buy, Saving Mr. A timid magazine photo manager who lives life vicariously through daydreams embarks on a true-life adventure when a negative goes missing.How to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty For Free - click on the play icon in the middle of the screen and wait for movie to load. You must login to watch this if you don't have an account please register firstly, it's free.

Enjoy watching and Don't forget to leave a comment to let others know that video is working fine. Skip To Primary Content Skip To Department Navigation All All Departments ; Auto Tires Data unavailable Youll see exact shipping costs and arrival dates when you check out. Walter has a crush on the recently hired Cheryl Melhoff but he is too shy to invite her on a date and he is trying to contact her via online dating. The magazine is preparing to release its last printed edition and the loathsome manager of transition Ted Hendricks is preparing an inevitable downsizing over the next few days. Walter has been the liaison between the magazine and the mysterious independent photographer Sean O'Connell who has sent to him a package of negatives and a wallet as a gift for his work. Sean also suggests to the senior management the use of negative 25 for the cover of the last edition.

Its famous protagonist holds a place in the cultural lexicon, meriting his own entry in English-language dictionaries.
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