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1861 The Secret in Abraham Lincoln's Pocket Watch President Lincoln never knew the hidden message he carried with him every day.
In the 1850s Abraham Lincoln, then a successful lawyer, purchased a fine pocket watch from George Chatterton, a jeweler in Springfield, Illinois. The mechanism itself was manufactured in Liverpool, England, but the 18-carat case was of the best quality manufactured in America.
In 2009 Jonathan Dillon's great-great-grandson contacted the Smithsonian museum, which holds the watch, with the story. Stream Anime Inu x Boku Secret Service Episode 1 Online English dub Episode Description : The Dog and I.

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In January 1861, South Carolina seceded from the Union, followed by six more states before Lincoln's inauguration. Stream cartoons The Secret Saturdays Episode 3 Episode Description : The Vengeance of Hibagon When the Saturday family travels to Tokyo, Japan to deal with an attacking Hibagon, they discover that it is actually a professor named Talu Mizuki. Ririchiyo Shirakiin, a girl from a rich family, moves into the high security Maison de Ayakashi apartment complex, where she finds herself assigned a Secret Service agent named Soshi Miketsukami.
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The scientist became trapped in the cryptid’s body after using a mind-transfer device he invented to escape the Japanese crimelord and philanthropist Shoji Fuzen. Ririchiyo is reluctant to have Soshi as her Secret Service, particularly as she doesn’t feel worth protecting as her family household has taken up much of her being. Also, at some point someone had etched "Jeff Davis," either as a joke or a statement of support for the Confederacy. One night, a burglar breaks into the complex to try and rob Ririchiyo, only to learn that Soshi, along with the other Secret Service agents in complex, have the power to channel the spirits of monsters. Now bitter and wanting revenge, the Saturdays have to keep Mizuki from killing the crimelord. In the end, after getting Fuzen put in jail, they give Mizuki the technology needed for him to continue his research.

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