After too long spent with just adequate ESPN content on Xbox Live, users can now get the full deal with the WatchESPN app. The Split Screen feature allows users to watch two games at once, or to split the content up, such as a game in one window and highlights in another.
Next up is the Mini Guide, which gives users sports content previews and quick access at the bottom of the screen, making it easy to toggle between games.
MacTrast Senior Editor, and self-described "magnificent bastard," Chris Hauk owns Phoenix Rising Services and writes for everyone's favorite "bad movie" website, Big Bad Drive-In. The WatchESPN app is streaming live on your Android mobile and tablet devices, including Kindle Fire.
Cast your favorite ESPN networks from your phone, tablet or laptop to your TV with Chromecast.
As you might expect, access to the full menu of content is limited to ESPN subscribers through participating TV providers (AT&T U-Verse, Bright House Networks, Charter, Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Midcontinent, Optimum, Time Warner, and Verizon FIOS).

Even ESPN subscribers may not even find the app terribly useful since they could just watch the ESPN networks that they pay for on their TV.
If you have an Apple TV and want to get started using WatchESPN, simply update your Apple TV to download the app (along with HBO Go and a handful of other new offerings).
The app provides coverage of all ESPN channels, as well as a variety of other offerings, including highlights and replays. Features include split screen, my sports, mini guide, control via Kinect, interactive ESPN BottomLine, and reminders. Both screens can be controlled independent of each other, such as pausing one screen while you dedicate your attention to the other. ESPN app on Xbox 360 allowed users to enjoy ESPN’s live network programming through WatchESPN including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, Buzzer Beater and Goal Line.
By logging in and authenticating you’ll get access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU if you get them as part of your TV subscription.

Most of the ESPN3 content consists of sports or games that don’t offer enough mass appeal to be shown on the ESPN TV networks (Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball, etc. However, it would make a nice solution for those single cable box households who don’t wish to pay for a second cable box.
Content can be watched in high-definition, including highlights and replays, while the entire system can be controlled with voice and motion. Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers were able to watch all their favorite sports and shows live, including SportsCenter, SportsNation and the Mike and Mike Show, as well as ESPN’s coverage of the NFL, including Monday Night Football, MLB and the NBA.ESPN is recommending users to check out ESPN app on Xbox One.

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