This is the official blog of the Landmark Group with insights and stories from the people behind our many brands. The social media age provides plenty of new, fast ways for companies to communicate with people - and for people to communicate with businesses. Reiss, a sophisticated apparel concept that's part of Landmark International, is carving through the clutter of ads, tweets and Facebook updates to engage with communities through an age-old approach - art.The concept, which has 12 stores across the Middle East, is merging the season's high-end trends with creations by several painters, graphic designers, architects, photographers and sculptors. It's been six months since I joined the Landmark Web Team to manage and various concepts sites and what a journey it's been.
Yoga is quickly becoming the go-to method for resolving a number of contemporary health problems. Deadlines, bottom lines, budget cuts and creative ruts: stress in the workplace is a modern-day inevitability familiar to us all.
Getting sick is bad enough, but getting sick and having to find a trustworthy doctor, at an accessible, caring medical facility, is worse.Today's lifestyle comes loaded with a number of medical challenges arising from poor eating habits, long working hours and high stress levels.
It's always been our philosophy to provide exceptional value to our customers, and this venture proudly upholds that standard. Technology and tendencies are evolving swiftly, but if we know one thing, it's that people the world over are quick to share questions, compliments and complaints directly to companies or publicly.If your brand does not engage on social platforms, customers can and will dig up your blog or website, or go on public forums to share what's on their minds.
This is the first of an exciting line-up of digital initiatives planned for the coming year, aimed at simplifying electronics for customers. While yoga reduces situational blood pressure, it may also reduce ongoing hypertension or high blood pressure, which occurs when pressure inside blood vessels is higher than normal expected values for age and gender.When adopted as a way of life, yoga has a lot to offer those suffering from this silent killer. Office life is faster, longer, harder and more demanding than ever before - and invariably, the loser in all of this is our health, wellbeing and peace of mind. Meeting these challenges is not just about dispensing medication, but understanding and empathizing with patients, just like a traditional family doctor would.Realizing this, we at Landmark Group launched iCARE Clinics to promote individualized quality healthcare in the UAE.
We opened our first clinic recently in Dubai at the Oasis Centre mall on Sheikh Zayed Road, followed by a second clinic in Discovery Gardens. Whatever path customers choose and whatever they have to say, they expect responses, too.So how do we tackle this new reality and use these powerful forms of communication to our advantage?
The redesign demonstrates the team's commitment to delivering great looking websites, developed with the customer in mind. Over the next 2-3 years, we plan to establish twenty iCARE Clinics across the UAE.Nothing is more important than your family's well-being, and we're here to support it.
Tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social and even Zendesk make our lives easier by tracking conversations between companies and customers.
We've replaced technical jargon with simple language, as part of our commitment to make the complex world of consumer electronics easier to understand.

The brand prides itself on selling affordable luxury furnishings that are handpicked from around the globe. Just like compressing a water pipe increases the force with which water flows through it, a reduction in blood vessel width increases blood pressure within. Thankfully, our holistic health experts at Balance 360 tell us there are sustainable alternatives to managing it, and one of the top things they recommend is yoga.Yoga is an effective method of reducing stress, decreasing anxiety and improving physical health. Zendesk goes one step further: it also converts every tweet, Facebook post and message sent via companies' websites and online-chat functions into tickets, so companies can manage them with ease.
Our focus was on recreating the fresh, appealing experience of shopping at Q Home Decor, which we captured in the Collections section.
The sustained stretching and relaxation of muscles through yogic exercises reverses this effect.Conditions of extreme excitement or tension activate the body's "fight or flight" response, which in turn increases blood pressure.
However, there are some exceptions.?Another way of achieving relevancy is to integrate your social communication within your print communications, website, emails and offline touch-points.
It also helps to improve concentration and allows us to cope better with the demands of our daily lives, giving us a better perspective on personal and professional issues. That power makes it simple to respond quickly to comments and spot trends that might develop, and it's hard to overstate how important that is. These are simple steps towards building sustainable long-term customer relationships.The social media revolution, which continues to influence how people interact, has elevated the importance of good customer relations to an unprecedented high. Which are based on the Classic, Eclectic and Modern room settings, and all are prominent in the stores' showrooms. This response is evolutionarily useful for genuine emergency situations, but unfortunately the urgency of modern-day living tends to over-trigger this response. Social media can be integrated into your company's in-store communications, at reception, within restaurants and hotel rooms, and even on your organisation's email signatures.How you communicate your social media presence is equally important. A regular yoga practice boosts immunity and energy levels, reduces the likelihood of need for sick leave and makes us calmer, healthier, more positive and more productive.Sounds fantastic, right?
Businesses want to know what people like and they need to know what people don't.In short, it may seem like there are countless messages from all sorts of sources, but it's simple to manage social-media communication - which is at its essence, the critical ability to understand and interact with customers. In recognition of this, popular social media platforms - such as Facebook - have been integrated into the site to enable greater connectivity with fans and followers. To reflect the look of those settings, we were particularly determined to have excellent photos; we collaborated with the Q Home Decor photographer Bless Parreno, and Paula Evans, a buyer who styled the Collections room settings.
Whenever, you mention your brand's Facebook or Twitter presence, don't just say "follow us on Twiiter" or "join us on Facebook". But putting theory into practice is usually the tricky bit, so here are some practical tips on how to incorporate yoga into your everyday life.Just 60 minutes a week is enough.

That's an essential step forward - and rest assured your competitors are working aggressively in this realm - and it can also reduce costs for PR, customer service and even advertising. Although other sporting and wellness activities also help reduce stress, few adopt an holistic approach that can be done safely every day like yoga. You don't have to change your entire lifestyle to get healthy - even one hour of yoga a week has been shown to be effective in managing stress, fatigue and chronic illness. There are things to learn, fast-flowing streams of communication to manage and no doubt some surprises to come in terms of technology and what customers will say and do, but the need to communicate and the prospects to prosper from it are too important to ignore.
We started work on creating the site and selecting its features after an immersion session to gain a greater understanding of Q Home Decor and its target audience. Try it and see for yourself!Has yoga helped to reduce your high blood pressure and improve your overall health?
Customers in the UAE will soon be able to purchase Emax products online via Landmark Group's upcoming e-commerce website.
Sign up for a class with a friend or colleague from work - it's more fun to do it together, and you're less likely to skip class.Find a class close to work or home. This game-changing "e-tail" store, the Web Team's flagship project, is coming soon to a screen near you. Properly promoting your social media output will help you achieve your end objective and generate a relative return on investment (ROI). That way, traffic, travel time and inconvenience are less viable excuses to not go to class.Take yoga 'micro-breaks' at work.
Ask your instructor for simple yoga exercises you can do on your own, and take mini-breaks from your computer or in between meetings to do them.Ask about employee wellness programmes at your workplace. With the company increasingly focused on harnessing the digital aspects of its market presence, the future looks ever brighter.
Find out whether your company has a link with a local gym or wellness centre that offers yoga classes.'Trade up' activities. If your days off are reserved for time with your family, why not sign up for a yoga class together? Look for child-friendly yoga classes if you have kids - it's a productive way to spend time together and encourage preventive-health habits in your kids.Shop around for a yoga class you enjoy. Instructors and class styles vary - try out a few and you're sure to find something that's fun for you.Whichever way you do it, make yoga a regular part of your week.

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