The most popular topics on SpyreStudios are: Minimalism, Typography, Tutorials, Inspirational, CSS, jQuery, Usability, UX, Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Resources, Tools. Over the past few months, several design brands have completed major online overhauls—from new features and more intuitive navigation to editorial content and e-commerce platforms.
Interior designer Gary McBournie recently revealed his all-new website, which reflects his position as a transitional designer who incorporates the best of the past and present in his designs.
Laura Bohn unveiled a new website with large, scrollable photos of recently completed projects as well as updated projects and press sections.
Thibaut launched a bigger, bolder and easier-to-use website with an exciting new feature: live price and stock check for account holders. Online antiques marketplace The Highboy re-launched The Weekly, the website’s online journal. For much of the year, Westchester-based interior design firm Debear Designs has been working on a bigger and better website. The combination of bright colors and exotic typography has paved the way for unique flat interfaces. In this guide I want to present the ultimate collection of articles, tutorials, free graphics, and website layouts based on flat design. As mentioned in this article on Forbes, flat website design is a growing maturity within the industry.
Flat design has been around for a while but recently picked up steam from the Microsoft mobile platform, and now Microsoft Windows 8. The biggest problems you will face when designing a flat website are the interactive elements. There are quite a few online articles which I have presented a bit lower, but I want to share a couple specific resources to help with flat design concepts. In a Medium blog post referencing flat design & UI problems, the author Missy Titus goes on to explain that flat UI should help to solve your problems or just make them easier to look at.
Some buttons may use flat background colors, while other buttons may use shapes and pictograms.
The Metro look originally popularized by Microsoft has a great system of picking out colors.
You need to look through examples of other designs and see how professionals have been doing this in the past. DesignModo has published a very large collection of resources based around flat user interface design. The online resource Flat UI Colors is a great place to start when attempting to focus your creative efforts on flat color schemes.
Instead of copying and regurgitating offbeat content into this article, I want to share other inspiring blog posts which are related to flat user interfaces. Take a few minutes to skim just 2 or 3 articles from this list and you may be surprised what you can learn.
With some of the design theory nailed down we should move into discussing other flat design resources. Flatilicious are some brand new icons released just last month on Dribbble by designer Lukas Jurik. This fantastic set of flat icons released by iconShock includes over 3600 different examples. The darker color scheme from this events input freebie really stands out using flat design features. If you are looking for a collection of web-based user interface elements then look no further! Along with the brilliant flat icons I also want to share a collection of user interface kits.
This alternative flat UI kit was designed by Devin Schulz and also released for free on Dribbble. The designer Dylan Opet who also created the Event Planning UI freebie above, also released a newer flat UI Kit. Free resources which are published on Design & Code It may be used in any website project. I have collected 50 luxurious flat website layouts which I hope will prove inspirational to designers all around the world. But nowadays modern businesses are more willing to work with each other and hire freelancers from anywhere in the world. You can grab the main RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and even get new articles delivered by email.
In addition, users will find easy access to all of Laura Bohn Design’s social media platforms and news about the firm. After closing its two showroom locations in Manhattan, the company overhauled its website to showcase its products.

The Weekly’s new look aligns with its editorial mission, crafting easy-to-read stories that inform readers how to incorporate antiques and art into 21st-century lives. According to the firm, this new website is a clean, contemporary complement to its more modern interior design.
The redesigned website features enhanced search capabilities, detailed product information, educational elements and links to the company’s social media platforms. Minimalism is a big part of this design idea, and you can see how popular these trends have become in recent months. Like all design trends, flat website layouts should be used exclusively when the details fit together. It removes a lot of the more complicated textures, patterns, shadows, bubbles, gradients, and other shiny effects to focus on simplicity.
Visitors need to know which areas of the page are plain static content, while other areas are clickable and draggable and whatnot. By stripping away textures and stitching and box shadows you should not be removing the important content from the page. There are so many various website trends and they are all popular for a reason – people like variety. Webpage text and color schemes are two vitally important design concepts to your flat website.
Check out the outstanding FlatDesign inspiration gallery for a collection of similar website interfaces. While on the subject of colors I want to point out another article discussing flat design and color trends. On DesignModo they published another interesting post on retro color schemes which can relate perfectly into a flat website layout. Symbols, icons, logos, and other common graphical traits can be found in almost every website layout.
Design agencies and SaaS companies will frequently need to list their features and supported clients. The design features a slight glossy effect on many of the icons and it stands out among other similar iconsets. The interface itself is built for a website to handle user input for scheduling an event, or possibly signing up for attendance. The various page objects from image sliders, navigation links, thumbnails, and certainly dropdown menus can be difficult to brainstorm without examples.
This brilliant flat UI PSD freebie released by Andreea Nicolaescu is an excellent starting point when coding your own website. It is just about the same size as the other PSD and contains blogging items like a subscribe box, calendar, compose textarea, tags input box, and some other neat stuff. The elements are based on common website objects like sliders, buttons, switches, tags, and input fields.
This set is designed more towards the metro trends with a similar color palette, interface elements, sliders, bars, and other offbeat page objects. Web design and development tend to overlap in many key areas, and this happens frequently when you are coding a website interface.
Notably checkboxes and radio inputs are two elements which can be difficult to style using CSS.
I hadn’t heard about the site until recently when I found their flat radio buttons which simply look exquisite.
Well CodePen is another example which actually catalogs and presents the latest pens in one location. Flat design concepts are fun to discuss and debate, however talking will not always get you to the finish line.
Please note this is not a gallery of marketplaces or job auction websites, there is more focus on job boards with direct connections to the project manager.
Designers can browse furniture, lighting, accessories, art, antiques and special sales from the new website. It also showcases its new logo, and newly completed projects in larger form with easier navigation.
These trends have been around for a long time but we have just recently witnessed a major rise in flat website design.
Otherwise it can feel jarring to force a minimalist approach into a more complicated website. Open source codes are some of the best ways for new developers to immerse themselves into a new design trend. Thus freebie graphics using flat techniques are becoming even more popular around the Internet. And this is great because the icons have been resized into 3 various settings for big, medium, and small website elements.

Use this PSD kit not just for graphics, but also to help with color selection and matching up a full color scheme. It is a small file, but it contains a number of offbeat elements such as a video player and email inbox.
Input fields, horizontal & vertical navigation, sliders, buttons, and lots of other page objects. I definitely recommend downloading a copy and using these designs on some practice websites.
But the free version is honestly astounding and it provides all of the major items you would need like input fields, switch buttons, headers, icons, and so much more. The button hover uses CSS3 transitions for updating the background color in an elegant animation effect. Browsing through some examples of other layouts can actually help you put together interfaces in your mind which you may not have thought about on your own.
But many designers are unfamiliar with the latest trends and don’t know where to get started. But when carefully placed together I have found that flat user interfaces are brilliant, simple, and so effortlessly enticing they will captivate your visitors for years to come. Flat website layouts in general still look interactive but without the more exquisitely refined graphics. And with responsive websites blurring the difference between desktop and mobile devices, flat UI has bridged the gap for simplicity with a bit of cultural class.
But subtlety is the name of the game and you can witness examples among many other flat website layouts. It is easier to think of the page being built around typography, and these various boxes of text will inform the user how to interact with the page.
This is a small collection of my personal favorite UI kits and icons created in the realm of flat design. The vol1 & vol2 sets were accidentally labeled the same but you can tell this is a tremendous collection of flat icons – all free to use in any number of web projects!
You can also download this iconset from the original Dribbble shot published by Stefano Tirloni.
But I also think the various PSD styles along with the color scheme itself provide a nice framework for learning.
The icons are easy to scale and you can duplicate many of the same box shadows using CSS3 effects. The PSD is built around a white background which is most common among minimalist designers.
If you want to get started quickly I recommend downloading both of these kits and practicing in your own time.
I encourage all designers to check out similar examples and see what you can build off these flat webpage elements. Even the process of coding CSS3 styles based off this PSD would be a huge learning experience. Their free version is also hosted on Github for developers who may want to fork the project and extend functionality. You can build outstanding interfaces which blend perfectly into your website layout with just a few customizations. Although the design is "flat" you can still notice a shadow beneath the button as you click.
Take this example with a grain of salt and see if you can expand on the codes to suit your own needs. The submit button has a natural hover and active state, plus the input fields also glow on focus.
A website’s design is crucial to drive more attention and traffic onto your homepage.
Another great article on the principles of flat design will help you understand the more concrete interface features. And this collection may not be useful for every project, but it is nice to know there are plenty of flat freebies out there for graphic designers to play with. It is a really nice effect and it’s awesome to find stuff like this out there for free use. It is not much to start with but you can find other flat design examples from the CSSFlow snippets page.

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