Our web sites look and rank amongst the best on the web, often on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing above millions of other results. 70% of website traffic comes direct from the three major Search Engines so having a website that work for Search Engines and SEO is just as important as the look and feel.
We can work with you to design a site that exceeds your visual expectations as well as help drive new visitors to your business. Please view our Web Design Portfolio or use the contact form below for a no obligation quote. Information and How-to on web site designs, web technologies, blogs and blog setups, website hosting, Wordpress CMS, Wordpress Themes and more.
In the last article Website design – wireframes we covered wireframes and how they can help you plan out a design from an idea to something tangible for a web page design. Basically your content will largely determine the navigation methods and linking structure you will use. It is a good idea if at this stage you have any static content (content which will not change) written up and have some idea of the titles of the pages and sub pages you will be adding.
Again, as like for the wireframe, you can use a variety of methods to get the ideas onto paper or screen. Example of a Website Navigation FlowchartNext week – Directory structure and some SEO tips!
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Superior Virtual specializes in customizing web designs for your unique company or your personal needs using effective layouts, top-notch graphics, and an editable platform. We offer services to back-up your website if you decide to move or to prevent loss if your website has been compromised. We desire to create a web design for you that compliments your company’s message while exponentially boosting your online presentation.
In this article we will now move onto the next step of planning your website – Content and Navigation.
In the example below we will use a relatively simple website which will have some main 1st level pages, some sub pages and a photo gallery.
Once the main content is written up or at least have a good idea of the pages and and content, you can make up a navigation flowchart which will show how each page links up to make your website user friendly and easy to navigate. I personally like to use presentation software such as Open Office Impress which is like Power Point (only free). The most used method for providing links to the main pages of your website is the Global Navigation Method which can be on the top or the side of your page and easy to see – (see wireframe for an example), another method which is also widely used is Bread Crumb navigation, this is ideal for sub pages which are not on the Global Navigation.
It is important before going any further to have a plan of how your website will be hyperlinked to its content to make it easy for the user to get around and for the search bots to index your pages. We are a full-service design agency working with you from an information gathering stage all the way to launching your site, usually within 4-6 weeks.
With WordPress, we create dynamic interactive websites that are visually appealing, search engine friendly and cost-effective.

Websites are never really finished—they are always being amended and refreshed.  After your website has been delivered, we offer ongoing support. Navigation is extremely important for visitors to your website and for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). However you can use what ever you are comfortable with, even just a hand drawn sketch will do. Our sites use responsive design, meaning they are fully adaptable on mobile devices like phones and tablets and on widescreen desktop monitors, small computers and laptops.
There are always updates, uploads, additional page creations, content changes, photo additions and custom links changes that occur after delivery.
Along with websites that adapt to both mobile and traditional browsers, our sites are editable by your company when you want to make changes to your content.
With our monthly program, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the behind the scenes of your custom design.
Since WordPress is an open source content management system, we can customize the design to fit your needs and teach you how to evolve your site.

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