The following companies, schools, and organizations have registered to exhibit at the 2016 National Wellness Conference.
As a first step, you’ll complete a wellness assessment, allowing me, your wellness coach, to get to know you even before we meet.
High-Quality Nutrition Products are Joined Together with One-of-a-Kind Coaching for the Most Power Packed Packages that Allow You to Bloom to Your Best Every Step of Your Health Journey! Buy 3 One-Hour Sessions, Get 1 FREEConsistency is key when it comes to developing healthy habits and really having a lasting impact through taking small steps over time. Having an understanding of your strengths, your preferences and your unique challenges allows me to better guide your future health goals.

To help you make your health goals a reality, this special offer gives you the strong foundation of time, knowledge, and support so setbacks become lessons and create the confidence necessary to continue on the path to a better, more balanced life.
Your health is your true wealth and the gateway to developing a deeper connection mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When they elect to work with lifestyle wellness coaches, professional considerations and ethical codes define the range of goals, the types of processes, and the nature of the relationship. In working with coaches, amorphous intentions are shaped into specific objectives and ultimately described in contractual ways.
Only in moving from abstract to concrete or from general statements to specific objectives can coaches fully understand what is expected of them and whether such expectations are reasonable and within their scope of practice.

Even though wellness coaching has become extremely popular, not much research is available. However, studies have demonstrated the positive effects wellness coaching has on weight management, smoking and physical activity.

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