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Knowing how to apply these skills to your own life gives you the ability to be a powerful and effective life coach for others. Contact Rhodes Wellness College today at (604) 708-4416 or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for our Vancouver Life Coach Certification or Life Skills Coach Certificate program. Rhodes Wellness College has two life coaching certificate programs: The Life Coach Certificate and the Life Skills Coach Certificate program. The Life Coach Certificate program is a part time program that focuses on personal one-on-one life coaching for individuals and small groups. The Life Skills Coach Certificate course is a full-time comprehensive program that trains qualified individuals to prepare lessons and conduct life skills programs for groups and individuals. Both life coach certification courses teach you how to provide your clients structure and support. The Life Skills Coach Certificate is based on the Saskatchewan NewStart Model of Life Skills. Rhodes Wellness College has several counsellor training courses to advance your life coaching skills. Contact us today and turn your ability to communicate and solve problems into a successful certified life coach career.
We all could use a little extra push from time to time when it comes to getting active—even fitness professionals.
I adopted this philosophy when I first started out in my own personal journey, 40 pounds ago, and was overwhelmed by trying to take on too many drastic changes to my lifestyle at once. I love this quote because it gets me out of my rut and reminds me that the only thing that is constant in life is change.
I love this quote because I find that oftentimes people (including myself) get discouraged because they can't do certain exercises or because they can't exercise for as long or as intensely as they want to. The mind is a powerful thing—it can help you succeed or fail and what you think shapes your reality. These words focus my thought process on realizing the simplicity in life, which is that it's not promised.
Jessica Matthews ContributorJessica Matthews, MS, E-RYT, is a well-known blogger and assistant professor of exercise science at Miramar College. If you found this to be article useful to you or someone else, please share it with your friends! The days are getting warmer and the last thing you want to do is head to the gym for a workout on a gorgeous day. Strong glutes are essential, not only for aesthetics, but also for reducing your risk of injury and low-back pain. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to add regular cardiovascular exercise to your fitness routine, here are some lesser-known benefits of cardiovascular exercise that just might help you get moving. Sign up to receive relevant, science-based health and fitness information and other resources. Expectations … do you expect your life to be abundant and for things to pan out in the best way possible or are your thoughts centred on the things you lack, the difficulties and dramas that may or may not occur in your life? Some years back, my husband and I went on a cruise where the guest speakers were Esther Hicks and The Late Jerry Hicks.
During the course of her presentation, Esther talked about how we need to create positive life expectations, namely, that life is always working in our favour.
From the moment I heard the affirmation it struck a chord and I immediately made it part of my daily self-talk! Its positive tone means that no matter what is happening in our lives, we are working towards manifesting outcomes that are not only helpful but outcomes that are for our highest good. Adopt the affirmation, “Things are working out for me.” Store the affirmation on your smart phone, or place written copies of the saying in your home within easy view.
Practice the affirmation daily and within a couple of weeks, you’ll be amazed at how things in your life fall into place. These are just some of the benefits that occur when your expectations about life are directed towards favourable outcomes. Begin by believing and trusting that, no matter what is going on in your life, things are working out; and they are working out for your highest good. On the spiritual path, yes, at times, it is okay to set expectations—especially ones that support the belief … life is working in your favour! Most people think that in order to live an extraordinary life we have to do things on a grand scale but, in all of Wayne Dyer’s books, he consistently reminds us that, each one of us is extraordinary because—we are divine.
The first step towards living an extraordinary life is to realise that, we don’t need to do great things; we just need to do small things with love.
Here are some practical things that you can do that will help you to live an extraordinary life!
Practice appreciation – Each day joyfully engage with and acknowledge all of the things in your life that you may take for granted such as: your home, garden, pets, meals, clothes, family and friends. See paradise everywhere – See beauty in everyday surroundings—in your home and suburb, your country and, in who you are.
Be grateful for the food that nourishes your body – Appreciate the farmers and all those who have contributed to the food that you eat; feel gratitude towards people who prepare your meals—be that at home, at a restaurant or when eating take-away. When our daily consciousness is focused on—love, The Divine, our divinity and the gift of experiencing life—we move from living an ordinary life to living a life that is extraordinary!
The event of our niece dying this way and because some friends and relatives of ours have taken their lives, I have spent time asking Spirit about suicide.
I’d like to share some points with you about suicide that has come to light in my mind, as a result of Spirit’s words and wisdom. When I first questioned Spirit about the physical trauma that someone undergoes when taking their own life, the first point they told me was: how we die is not important because death is simply a means, a way in which our spirit is able to exit the physical body.

This information was, for me, life-changing, as, like most people, my thoughts on suicide were often focused on the trauma and unpleasant ways in which the person took their life. The second ‘light bulb moment’ that I experienced was when Spirit, stated: There are no accidents. This really blew my mind because it means that the blame that so many people carry in their hearts as a result of their loved-one committing suicide, is … unnecessary as, in truth, there is no fault; there is no blame. Through automatic writing, which is the way that I receive communication from Spirit, I was also informed that, whilst we live in the physical world under the direction of our conscious mind, we see only a glimpse of the big picture of life; a great deal goes on that we don’t see—especially at a spiritual level.
We are not privy to each individual’s spiritual contract before they take on a body, so how can we know the full picture of why suicide has been scripted by them in this lifetime?
There are many reasons why a soul may choose suicide and that decision is not always related to their present lifetime. Does this mean that when we find life ‘all too difficult’ it’s alright to abdicate all of our responsibilities and choose to end our life under the guise that we will learn?
If a loved-one or a friend of yours has died due to suicide, take comfort in Spirit’s words. As difficult as it is to live without them and to cope with the trauma of their death, we have been given a directive by Spirit as to how best we can help them and that is to give them our love.
Another aspect to suicide is that it provides the opportunity for us to envelope the one who has taken their life—and the lives of those affected by the suicide—with love.
I will conclude this blog with two messages from Spirit that will shed more light on what I have been talking about. Many of us are aware of the importance of diet and exercise in maintaining a healthy heart. Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have discovered that our heart is in a constant two-way dialogue with our brain in relation to our emotional and mental reactions, that the heart’s electrical field carries emotional information and that the field changes as we experience different emotions.
Experiencing stressful emotions on a regular basis increases our risk of developing heart disease. Engage in regular meditation or relaxation exercises: Practices that quieten our mind—feed our spirit and reduce emotional stress.
Regular use of positive words as we communicate can both improve our attitude and develop optimism. Diet and exercise are important factors in cardiovascular health—and so is emotional awareness. If you need help to let go of some emotional baggage that maybe weighing your heart down, contact me. Dearest Ones, there are times when you are faced with health problems that render you unable to carry out your physical duties.
During illness—after sickness and, in prevention of—draw on the energy of your spirit to help reduce the effects of the illness.
Spend time holding your attention on the visual pictures that you are creating supported with positive thoughts and feelings. These thoughts, feelings and pictures are far more beneficial to your health than images, thoughts and feelings that are centred on illness. Imagery that is coupled with positive thoughts and positive feelings, not only help us to stay well and healthy, but it can help us to heal more quickly. Call to Action: If you are currently experiencing illness, try practising the imagery that is suggested by Spirit.
These two accredited courses transform your natural ability to advise others into a career as a highly qualified life coach. You learn a process of personal inquiry, discovery and feedback to build your clients’ level of awareness. The Life Skills Counselling Certificate program has an added professional counselling course component.
Here are the words that get fitness pros fired up for a great workout and the reasons why they rely on these motivational mantras. After yet another crash diet failed me, I began making small, more manageable changes (10 minute workouts, simple eating swaps) that led to big, lasting results. If they can just face their fitness fears and get started on working toward their goals (weight loss, muscle gain, etc.), then positive things will happen.
Experience has taught me that if we can just focus on what we can do at the present moment, and do that the best we can, we will see great improvements.
Realizing that you’re actually running out of time as opposed to having time for me is pure motivation. In addition to holding ACE Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach certifications, she is an experienced registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.
I know I'm guilty of pushing positivity, and you're completely right - you need to WANT to be positive and WANT to change before you can bring it about.
And I love that you mention gratitude, I'm a firm believer that if you take time to reflect and see all that you have and all there is to be grateful for then you attract more good things into your life and the positivity flows! During one of the sessions, Esther was talking about her guide, Abraham, and how Abraham consistently talks about the thoughts we hold—how they create and manifest outcomes in our lives.
Also, the affirmation lifts our mental outlook and vibrational energy, so that we work with Source, the energy of life, in order to create better possibilities. To do this, focus less on how the end result will pan out and more on surrendering and trusting the wisdom of Source. Be appreciative of all the help that you have received—and will continue to receive—throughout your life.
We are divine, infinite, loving beings that have been given the gift of life in order to let our magnificence shine! To place our focus of attention on the simple things in life that make us ‘more aware’ that, cause us to be in awe of God’s magic; that encourage us to practise love.
Say a prayer before each meal; bless your food and give thanks for the abundance on your table.

Although time has passed and some healing has occurred, their emotional pain is still evident and present. A certain stigma is associated with suicide so it can be hard for loved-ones to talk about it. And like so many times, when my heart has been heavy with grief, I have been lifted by Spirit’s words of truth—every time. But Spirit gave me a different perspective which showed me that those things were not of high importance.
If the person was not meant to exit their physical body in the way they chose and at the precise time that it took place, something would have occurred to prevent the suicide from happening. Whilst we are in physical form, we are not privy to all of the information regarding our own lives—including past and present; nor are we privy to all of the information about other people’s lives—including past and present.
We try to understand ‘why’ our loved-one made the decision to take their life, yet, we don’t have all the information. Whatever the reasons for them making that choice, the end result is always the same: spiritually, they learn and grow from the experience—as do all the people whose lives were affected by that particular person taking their life. Each time that we incarnate into physical form, our mission is to deal with the ups and downs of the life that we have scripted. Know that there was nothing you or anyone could have done at the time to prevent it from occurring. Both of these messages have been channelled, independently and at different dates and times. Whilst these are necessary for good heart function, our emotions also play an important role in heart health too.
Conversely, positive emotions such as compassion, love and appreciation have positive physiological effects on our heart. Therefore, I thought I would share with you an inspiring message that I received from Spirit in September, 2008, about health and healing. When this occurs, many people become angry over the loss of independence caused by the process of illness.
It is important that when creating this imagery that your thoughts and feelings are directed towards health and healing. Visualising the perfect state of health of our spirit-body and imagining golden energy being transferred from our spirit-body to our physical body, is a helpful image to create. If you are healthy and well, you can use the visualisation as a tool to help maintain the health of your body. Part of your life coaching training involves learning how to assist your clients so they may achieve powerful goals and live with passion and purpose.
Interactive personal life coaching helps individuals and groups take action to realize their goals and fulfill their destiny. Graduates of this life skills training program may apply for the ICF professional designation through the portfolio process.
The Diploma in Life Coaching program includes a work practicum for easier access to employment.
It doesn't really matter if my best today was less than yesterday's best, as long as I vow to do my very best each day. Change the conversation in your head and you’ll be surprised as to how much more you can accomplish in a single workout and over time. Different cultures and religious views can make the acceptance of what has taken place even more traumatic. Their words bring more than solace and comfort; they provide a greater perspective to life—here and beyond. They then went on to explain that, regardless of how someone dies, the important thing is that we project love to our departed loved-one because our love greatly assists them in adjusting to the energy vibrations that they find themselves in on the other side of life.
We may have some information about them pertaining to the physical level but we don’t have any information at the spiritual level. And the main growth and learning that needs to occur for all who have been affected by the suicide: love, compassion, forgiveness and non-judgement. There are consequences in choosing to take our physical life—but that requires a whole lot more information which I can share in a separate blog, if there is sufficient interest. It was their time and, they chose to experience suicide in this lifetime—for reasons not fully known to us—as their particular method their way to exit the physical body and set their spirit free. The first message was received by my husband, Tim, during one of our healing meditations; the second message I received through automatic writing. Project the energy of love to this perfect replica and ask that, energy from it be transferred directly into your physical body. You guide your clients to be successful in five areas of life responsibility: self, relationships and family, education and employment, leisure and community. Fear of what has happened to the ‘soul’ of the one who has ended their life and guilty feelings—often held by parents, partners or loved-ones, thinking they could have prevented the death from occurring—weigh heavily. Whilst most suicides occur either as a result of mental illness—depression being the most common—or stress—inability to cope with life—we must not make the assumption purely from what we observe at a physical level.
Whilst you may wonder how this information is helpful to you, we illumine your minds to one fact: that as the spirit-body is healthy you can, and are capable of, drawing on your spirit-self’s energy to assist the recovery of your physical body.
We believe that the cause is related to this life experience, but there may be other factors at play. See the golden energy being poured into your physical body helping, re-energising and assisting in the healing of your physical vehicle. For example, past life experiences that need to be played out in this life or spiritual lessons that need to be worked out in the physical realm.

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