Usually traditional business has to be watched and protected, saved, in some cases paid for extra, sometimes you even have to run away from it and explain things to certain institutions. Whenever it happens that someone becomes successful on my behalf happens because I am not educated enough. All billion banks, systems, advertising programs, all trading networks, chains of supermarkets exist and work for your money.
We might think that we know a lot and have rich experience, but our experience comes mainly from general sources of information dictated by society, majority that was taught in the same way by someone who uses it.
After a bottle of beer Jack says: Dan, why do you need to owe me 200$ in 3 months, give me 100$ now and at that time you will owe only 100$, sounds good?

When starting big business you notice that you can’t have many friends and you always have to be prepared for anything.
With time we become more and more wise and experienced but when it happens we usually are old and useless. A successful leader is not a bin, not a turn over, not amount of people that you run, it’s inner state when you are ready to sacrifice your own needs for the benefit of others. So learn not from majority that is following the same path, learn from people who made it in this world while they were young and thought differently from majority. When starting something big like this you might not know the password, you might have no clue how to do it right.

You can do it at any age, don’t wait until you will be old and wise; follow the path of the winner now.

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