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An enthusiast is a person who is highly interest in a particular activity or you can call him or her a fan or a devotee.
An anti-virus program is a utility that searches your hard drive for any virus or malware and Trojan horses and removes any if found. If you regularly talk to your near and dear ones from around the globe, install Skype on your computer.
Apple iTunes has been for a long time an unparalleled source and player of music and video.
This simple little device allows you to keep all your vital data in place which can be easily accessible from where ever you are or whatever gadget you are using. If you’re one of those enthusiasts who runs and adds multiple programs on your windows PC then this is an app for you. Most of these programs include an auto update feature that enables the program to download profiles of new viruses so that it can check for new viruses as soon as they are discovered. We use them to download movies, audio books, TV shows and music too so what are the best torrent software available? It allows you to talk using a microphone and you can see them as well with a webcam and also allows instant messaging. While windows come with its own notepad and sticky notes, this device allows you to take notes that can help you remember or finish a paper or report in time. It lets you easily sync your files between computers and share them as well as create backups.
Of course running so many programs might slow down your computer and CC cleaner reduces that to a certain extent by removing the unnecessary data from your computer. One of the most preferred efficient and flexible media players available, it is fast and can play files of almost all formats. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed! I would recommend AVG Anti-Virus FREE 2013 which as most recently scored ahead of Norton and bitdefender and its malware remover scored a rating of 6.5. Look for a suitable web browser and in my humble opinion, as I’ve experienced its reliability and good performance, I’d say go for Google chrome.

It is also updated regularly and gets better and better and is extremely handy as well as reliable. If you want to make your files easily accessible and available then this device is a must have for you.
Formally known as Crap cleaner it cleans all the cookies, temporary files and other intrusive crap on your computer.
It can also compress your files to RAR and ZIP and it is available for a 40 day free trial(or so it says). Whether you’re playing DivX file, a DVD or MP3, VLC plays them with remarkable ease as well as without any additional installations such as video codecs.It has stayed ahead in the competition for years and regularly offers new features and options. If you’re one and I’m sure you already know all that you need for your computer, then go ahead and have a look at what I think is absolutely necessary for every computer enthusiast. It has been preferred over 6 other competitors for its efficient performance, detecting threats and a user friendly interface. It is also the most advanced torrent software and has almost every single feature you would need.
You can make free calls to users within Skype and while other calls are charged through a debit based user account system. You can switch quickly between music, movies and TV shows using the button at the top left. It has a user friendly and adjustable interface with great features as well as a simple and clean design. It has four features namely, Cleaner, Registry, Tools and Option which you’ll see on left side of the window.
It works quickly and is suitable for compressing and decompressing files, to make files smaller and quick file transfers. It is very quick and easy to install and you can make it your default media player to play all your files and believe it does, without fail or any other hassles. It aims to be fast, secure and simple and has achieved that with its user friendliness, a simple browser interface and a hassle free browsing.
Its best feature is that it not only works on Windows 8 but also on apple devices, phone, tablet and any other PC operating system.
It also comes with the iCloud integration that lets you play your iTunes purchases right away on all devices as well as pause or play one on device and pick it on another.

Everything you do on your computer is synchronized on your evernote account on the web and because it synchronizes as soon as you log in, you don’t lose your data or notes due to a crash. It has no interface; it appears as a simple folder in My Documents and works just like any other folder, only difference being that its contents are stored locally as well as in the cloud. Its clean look is what appeals to a lot of users and it is easy to use with powerful cleaning facilities. It also has a password encryption feature which means that no foreign party can compress or decompress your important files. It has a number of Audio, Video and Synchronization effects, including a graphic equalizer and even special effects like blur, wave and mirror effects.
It takes a unique approach to browsing and allows closing of separate web pages that are unresponsive. Then you can also go for BitComet if you’re a serious downloader .Vuze and Transmission are other torrent software that are very efficient especially if you’re a MAC or Linux user. This peer to peer calling service is both functional and well designed and remains one of the best VoIP and video chatting option. If you’re looking for a simple app to handle all your music and media libraries, Apple iTunes is the one to go for. It not only cleans the unnecessary files in your windows but all the ones that build up in applications that you might have installed. It has a very simple interface and you can Add files to, Extract, Test, Delete, or even Repair archives right from the main interface If you’re looking for a great archiving utility with speed and powerful features then WinRAR is one to install.
Vuze comes with an integrated HD player to play the downloaded media and Transmission has all the features you require to make downloading easier and faster.
It has a very efficient interface with all the features you need and you can easily toggle between views.

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