In 2008, the then Secretary of State, Lord Mandelson commissioned David Macleod to take an in-depth look at employee engagement and the potential benefits it had for transforming organisations profitability and performance. Drawing on a substantial body of research and business case studies, the Macleod report unequivocally stresses throughout that, Yes, employee engagement can transform the organisation. The report highlights the business case for employee engagement evidencing that disengaged employees take more sick days than their engaged counterparts. The report goes on to emphasize the barriers to achieving this desirable state of employee engagement. Leaders need to be visible and in touch with their front line staff – a desk is a  dangerous place to run an organisation from! An empowered employee will have a voice.  Where employee views are sought out they should be listened to and visibly acted upon.
Training your staff is the sure fire way of giving them the essential skills to be successful and to effectively contribute to your business.
It’s important to note that amazing incentives can be earned by your business through staff training. We’ve interviewed some business owners and trainees about the benefits of training and here are some of the wonderful answers that will help convince you that training will benefit both your business and your employees.
Lily Li, a former trainee, responded about her experience as a trainee during her employment. Many business owners and parents encourage students to complete a traineeship part time while they’re still at school. It truly is the best of both worlds: you help your staff develop their career and at the same time gain access to available funding that can help boost your business. Redmako offers government-funded traineeship and apprenticeship programs tailor-made for your business requirements.
Business owners and trainees that have experienced Redmako training have been happy to share their life changing stories while training and recommend Redmako to their friends and family. Redmako is committed to helping business owners experience growth in the hospitality industry through traineeship and apprenticeship programs. In 1997, the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) conducted a study of over 2,500 companies to determine how investment in employee training affected a firm's total shareholder return.
In essence, the study found that companies who gave their staff training & productivity tools, were more profitable - which is often why many CEO's consider training to be the life blood of their businesses, and why we here at StorMan believe that you should train your staff wherever possible. Consistent Quality: Staff that don't know how to use the tools around them (regardless of whether they are physical tools or software-based ones) often causes inconsistency in their processes, as they wonder whether they've done something correctly.

Improve Customer Satisfaction: Happy staff inherently always means happy customers, but an improvement to customer satisfaction levels can also be achieved thanks to the ability for your software systems (be they Billing systems, Customer Relationship Management systems, etc) to send good-looking, well-written, personalised communications to the right customers at the right time - and that can only come with a correctly setup software package that your staff know how to use. Increase Knowledge Retention: When people are having fun, they learn more - thus ensuring new knowledge is retained. Increased Profitability: A combination of any of the above factors will always result in increased profits. When staff know how to use their tools, they make less mistakes and this costs you less in wasted money & time. There's nothing better than experiencing something for yourself; it's then that one will see the real value in something. It wasn't until a few months ago when I invested some personal time in attending some online training for this particular software package, that I understood what the workflow automation function did. Having designed his first website at the age of 13, Andy has been with StorMan since 2006 and is now our Customer Experience & Marketing Manager. Whether your question's about web design, colour codes, Google or HTML tags, Andy's your man!
StorMan formed in New Zealand in November 1992, providing sales, support, training and consulting in the niche market of self storage software products. In addition the report shows that engaged employees are less likely to leave their organisation than disengaged employees.
Many of these barriers appear to stem from lack of buy in or understanding from Senior leaders and managers.
The main benefit of training is improved productivity and service quality to your customers from your highly-skilled staff.  These improvements often translate to increased profitability for your business. To encourage employers to train staff, both the State & Federal Governments offer attractive incentives which are readily available to you.
Dan Lee, manager of a technological consultancy responded that staff is the most important asset of the business.
George Plakidas, a businessman, responded with his brief insight about training your employees.
We are the most widely used Registered Training Organization (RTO) in the hospitality business industry. At first, this might seem a little too good to be true, but bear with me for a moment while we start things from the top. Using sophisticated statistics modelling (which took into account a wide variety of variables), ASTD found that training resulted in a significant improvement in shareholder return via higher profit margins (by up to 24 percent).

These can apply to all aspects of your business - from how to sell (or up-sell) to customers, right through to making the most of the software tools available to your staff (eg. The way they may be performing a particular task may not be the correct - or the most efficient - way to do so. Those lacking in confidence due to a lack of understanding (generally due to a lack of training) will take longer to complete tasks and question the path they took to achieve the end result. Training in a structured environment can also help build an employee's confidence in their tools & software. So while I could go on about the benefits of training until the cows come home, I'd rather leave you with a real-life example. If done correctly - and if you give your staff a chance to express their ideas - the rewards for you & your business can be huge. These lower levels of attrition and sick absence reduce costs substantially for the organisation highlighting the benefit of investing in employee engagement programmes and activities from the outset. The report suggests that in some cases managers are unaware of the advantages of engaging employees or in some cases underestimate its power, reducing employee engagement to merely a staff survey with no follow through or implementation. As a business owner, you will be better set-up for future business success when you invest in training your staff. Registered training organizations (RTO), like Redmako, can help you access these incentives. Full-time employees can also complete traineeships to further enhance their skills and experience. We deliver training in the workplace for school-based and non-school-based staff and students that’s fully or partially funded by the government. This website (as well as many others) will not load or display correctly in your current web browser. I've even subconsciously looked at the icon for it day after day at the top of the screen - but I didn't know what it did, so I didn't really ever bother to really explore what it did.
Training helps your employees to grow professionally, while you get the associated benefits of increased productivity and profitability. A recent OfficeVibe survey found that 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were being better recognised.

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