One of the key distinguishing elements of any technology in relation to its capacity for communication, is whether it supports synchronous or asynchronous communication flows. Seven different colors and three separate styles give endless possibilities to add value and uniqueness to any property, whether commercial or residential.
Paver-lok interlocking pavers are manufactured in Upper Michigan by people who understand the term "severe service". Synchronous communications allow people to communicate with each other in real time and can be described as interactive.
The impressive color selection makes patterns and styles coordinate with any driveway, sidewalk, or patio.

Asynchronous communications are not reliant on real time interaction and allow people to share communications that can be accessed and contributed to at any given time, they can be described as messaging communications. This makes me wonder if another company or a sub division of Velux themselves are manufacturing them using the same tooling machines and rebranding them for suppliers. Andriessen (2003) [1] has provided a taxonomy of collaboration technologies that illustrates synchronous and asynchronous capability.
Table shown below is adapted from the traditional four cell classification of groupware tools. Velux roof windows seem the be the market leader in terms of popularity, there are many other makes you may wish to consider.

The main selling feature of these however is the extremely low angle of roof they can frequent without leaking.
For some window manufacturers now like Velux, there are different options for the Tile or Slate flashings so check carefully before buying.

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