In the summer of 2015, the US and Cuba began finalizing the long process of restored relations.
From Havana’s National Museum of Fine Arts to the smaller art markets in the streets, tourists can find beautiful and colorful art all across the city. In 2015, the 12th Havana Biennial took place, drawing artists and curators from all over the world. La Estatua de la Republica, found inside the Capitol building, is the world’s third-largest undercover statue. Cuban soldiers lead a ceremony in remembrance of the deaths of student leaders killed during the fight against Spanish colonial rule. Step off the mat and get to know your expressive side as you learn how to tap into your creative instincts and connect to your practice in a joyful, expressive and creative way. Through creative exploration and expressive arts youa€™ll be given a unique opportunity to a€?goosea€™ all that charges your life and kindles your creativity. Come join this truly shape-shifting three week seminar where we will facilitate a space for you to focus your thoughts and develop your vision and define your purpose. Invite this four week seminar on discovering and developing your creative process into your life. One-on-one coaching and consulting that re-kindles intuition, creativity and creative flow; enriching your personal and work life. Reconnect to nature and spirit by realigning with your role as a creative conduit and cultivate wholeness in a fragmented world through the use of vibration, sound, toning, drumming, journeying and movement. Redefine your relationship and understanding of creative flow through body spirit movement, improvisation, drumming, sound and play.
Explore the possibilities of our problems as being a sacred medium for creative solutions through innovative collaboration, group brainstorming, focused intent and vision. Discover and explore a cutting edge and visionary approach to business, economy and commerce as a path of awakening through redefining business as intentional enterprise. Using the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples, we raise positive vibration and promote healing for ourselves and for each other using Djembe drums. A delightfully inspiring experience that melds collaboration and creative expression with mindful observation of nature. Leadership Horsepower - Yoga Classes - Leadership development requires training in both the 'hard' skills of planning, strategy and decision making, as well as training the 'soft' skills, such as interpersonal effectiveness, social and emotional intelligence. Leadership Horsepower delivers revolutionary leadership, behaviour and communication training programs that are practical, effective and transformational.
Utilising cutting edge emotional intelligence theory and the superior effectiveness of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), our leadership training delivers amazing results. In order to increase emotional intelligence we must appeal to the limbic system (the emotional center of the brain), therefore the experiential learning must trigger similar emotions to real life scenarios. As you know, there are many ways to 'do' leadership, however we are actually remembered for 'how' we led.

At Leadership Horsepower we pride ourselves in being a leader in developing and harnessing the power of emotional intelligence. Yogapower promotes a state of total wellbeing and is an extremely effective form of fitness to burn calories, build and sculpt muscle, cleanse internal organs, calm the mind, manage stress and invigorate the body. Yogapower is for every body, easily adaptable for all levels of fitness, ages and body types from beginners to the more experienced. Corepower is an exhilarating sequence of exercises that builds strength, flexibility and muscular endurance in all major muscle groups with a particular focus on the core muscles of the abdomen and lower back. A dynamic combination of yoga and pilates moves, Corepower utilises the major movements of the spine including flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation - strengthening all stabilising muscles of the body. Corepower boosts muscle tone internally and externally, detoxes internal organs, improves cardio fitness and balances the nervous system. Completing the personal horsepower course has been a massive leap forward for me in my own personal development and effectiveness.
The American flag was lifted above the American embassy once again — and with that, sparked the interest of many tourists eager to visit the island. Cultivate community, playfulness and perspective as we celebrate the relationship between mind, body and creative spirit as a way of life.
Set your life intentions while surrounded by nature as we explore creative story, body movement and create unique vision boards. All this talk of creativity and ita€™s quite possible, most folks dona€™t even know what creativity even is- let alone think they have it!
A Sanskrit word for circle, the mandala is often a repetitive, concentric geometric design. We will tap into and explore the edges of creativity through writing, drawing, movement, music, sound, play and more. A profound life altering journey that sets the groundwork for understanding how one creates and navigates through the world in an artFULLY way.
Gift yourself time and space, to reflect and create amongst other compassionate women, just like you!
We value each participants experience and input and we support them through our programs with follow-up business coaching to ensure that change and action happens.
In Cuba, cigar rolling is considered an art form that’s been passed down through generations. During our retreat, we'll explore different ways to play, express and move through the world. The act of creating mandalas aid in creating a sacred space to focus, meditate, heal and be exposed to our natural creative flow. A profound and life altering journey that sets the groundwork for understanding how one navigates through the world. Youa€™ll have well-deserved opportunities to dis-connect from everyday life in order to re-connect with your inner nature, surrounded by the beauty of sun and sea.

Lotus and the Butterfly Womena€™s Grief Retreat is a collaboration between Drama Specialist, Sally Kinka, Grief Therapist (TBA) and Expressive Artist and Creative Process facilitator Annelies Gentile. Well, leta€™s just get down to brass tacks and talk about What the Bleep Creativity really is and really isna€™t. Mandalas were used in ancient traditions for the same reasons and show up in architecture, art and in nature. Side effects definitely include giggling, happiness, artistic expression, bursts of spontaneous dancing, cool new friends, oh, and nap-time yogaaah. Wea€™ll explore and retreat through story, music, movement, writing, yoga, meditation and visual art. Wea€™ll explore and retreat through guided experiences of movement, writing, story, play, yoga, meditation, visual art and finding inspiration through Mother Nature.
Side effects may include giggling, happiness, artistic expression, bursts of spontaneous dancing, cool new friends, oh, and naptime yoga nidra.
Take this time to un-plug from technology, connect with human beings and be free to be YOU!
Come one, come all and leta€™s get to the bottom of this crazy freaky phenomenon called creativity!! Business administration degrees stress leadership abilities, strong communication and teamwork skills and a good grounding in the mathematical and economics processes required for successfully managing money. Many colleges offer a specific course of study for business administration majors that will prescribe the classes you need to take. Courses that teach the principles of accounting will cover the accounting cycle, preparing and analysis of financial statements, applying accounting practices to partnerships vs. Most colleges will have an accounting track that includes accounting courses for students going into management as well as students focusing solely on accounting. Courses in business ethics will cover ethical issues in business and ethical decision making that will be relevant for those going into upper management. Expect classes on business ethics to discuss appropriate ethical business models, guidance systems, potential ethical hazards and tough decisions and appropriate ethical expectations for both yourself and the people working under you in your business.
Most business degree course tracks will offer classes in microeconomics, monetary theory, managing finances, statistics, investments and business calculus. Depending on the depth of the business administration program at your college, you may find math courses that specifically relate to your area of business administration, such as statistics for accountants or microeconomics for managers.
Topics such as networking, communication management, interpersonal relationships, human resource management, organizational theory, cultural diversity, emergent technology and general business policies are all touched on in specific courses that cover the more human aspect of the business management career. Depending on your concentration in business administration, you may also want to take courses in management theory or principles of management to supplement your course load.

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