While we talked about many skills and competencies the six below appeared to generate the most dialogue and we started our discussion by having Lauren and Wendy share what are the key skills & competencies most valued in a CLO by a CEO.
2) DIAGNOSTICIAN:  A future focus to both observe and analyze internal and external trends impacting business outcomes and linking these to develop a clear picture of what the organization can do from a talent development perspective in order to better meet its strategic business priorities. 3) RELATIONSHIP BUILDER: An ability to involved stakeholders both internally and externally in a pursuing a business direction.
4) FLEXIBLE AND FLUID OPERATOR: Be open to changing operating models and organizational design when you consider options for how to expand the scope and style of learning, and how work gets done in the future. 6) BREADTH OF EXPERIENCE : Deep experience across all areas of Talent Management including Leadership Development, Organizational Design, Organizational Effectiveness, Recruiting, Performance Management, Retention Strategies, Compensation, and Succession Planning. We ended our call with a provocative question from one of our members to both Lauren & Wendy: as the job of CLO gains in stature and scope why has the compensation for this role not followed the same trajectory? Think about your current role and the enxt role you want to assume: what new competencies do you want to add to this list? Jeanne is Partner of Future Workplace, a consulting firm dedicated to assisting organizations in re-thinking, re-imagining and re-inventing the workplace. Although INNOVATION DRIVER & STRATEGIC BUSINESS LEADER might imply it, perhaps an ingrained sense of CURIOSITY, could be explicit somewhere. The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow's Employees Today. Communicating for Maximum Impact enables you to create productive day to day interactions with your group or team, so everyone is aligned, prepared and able to achieve their maximum potential …and your desired outcome. Click here to download a PDF program brochure including an overview, benefits, facilitator information and other program details. Professionals at all levels who wish to obtain better results from day to day communication.
Karen’s areas of expertise include management and leadership, presentational speaking, business writing, time management, personnel development, team building, and a wide variety of interpersonal communication topics. Allan Leighton, Former Chairman, Royal Mail Group: as a leader communicate to everyone all the time! HTC Consulting - Read this successful author’s blog on leadership and other management topics. See how effective leaders have the ability to adjust their approach depending upon the situation or the person they are faced with. The range of activities you undertake as a manager is substantial with the result that the variety of skills needed to succeed is broad. To be successful, you therefore need to both lead and manage and the variety of skills needed to do so is extensive. Relationship building is a vital part of the management role and it is the quality of your interpersonal skills which facilitate the building of relationships with others. Elements of communication: how you currently communicate is an example of conditioning (learned behaviour) and you may have to change or unlearn what you currently do, as a stepping stone to becoming a more effective leader. Communicating more effectively: in seeking to become a better communicator, you naturally need to consider both content (the words you use) and context (your tone and body language). Improving your listening skills: as well as thinking about how you send messages, you need to think about how you receive them too and to communicate more effectively you must be a good listener.
What you decide to do following your review of your interpersonal skills and leadership style (having read the personal leadership effectiveness: leadership skills guide) is entirely up to yourself, but even small improvements in your ability to relate to others or adjusting your leadership style can lead to significant improvements in employee performance.

Use this leadership traits assessment tool to identify your strengths and weaknesses [pdf, 374kb].
If you have a passion for helping others and are fascinated by what makes people tick, psychology can be the right career for you.
Communication is clearly critical for any career, but it’s especially important when studying human behavior. As with any profession that takes care of people, psychologists have an enormous responsibility. Results in psychology can often take years to see, whether in pure research or when working directly with patients. All content copyright Touro University Worldwide, is part of the Touro College and University System, and accredited by WASC.
This article reports on the results of a survey conducted on the role of change agents in the communication development process.
She has recently completed a Master of Agriculture degree in technical communication in international agricultural development.
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This is a broad competency incorporating insight and conceptual thinking skills to create  build and strategically link the learning and the development agendas in the context of the talent required to accomplish organizational goals.
Meister is a best selling author of three books, internationally recognized consultant and keynote speaker. Jeanne was recently voted by her peers as one of the 20 top influential training professionals in the United States.
Not only do best practices not work when taken out of context, they often don’t work well in their original environment. She has been teaching professionals for 15+ years, delivering a wide range of communications solutions for clients such as Verizon, Chiquita Brands, GE Capital, Precision LensCrafters and Russell Investment Group.
Having leadership qualities like self-control will help you here, as it will allow you to manage your emotions more effectively and therefore improve how you communicate. Becoming a better influencer means first knowing the impact you have on others and being aware of the process involved.
But as you consider pursuing your degree, it’s important to know some of the critical skills necessary to be a psychologist.
The ability to communicate with clients is imperative for clinical psychologists to help them, while research psychologists need to be able to effectively describe observations and portray their findings well. Researchers, especially those involved in quantitative information, look at large amounts of data that have to be interpreted.
Whether you are conducting your own experiments and want to see if they have been performed before or are trying to help a patient by seeing what other psychologists have experienced, knowing how and where to find the information you need is critical. They have the ability to change people’s lives and are frequently dealing with people at their most vulnerable. If you are interested in pursuing a career in psychology, you should consider an online psychology degree program that integrates all of these skills and many others in its psychology curriculum. Change agents working with twenty non-profit development agencies were asked to evaluate the amount of time they spent communicating development information, the communication skills and methods used, and the roles they play as change agents in the development process.
One can then extrapolate from past experience to predict the outcome of an action with a good degree of certainty.

Consider examples mentioned in the book, The 2020 Workplace such as  IBM Corporate Service Corps, Ernst & Young Corporate Responsibility Fellows,  and Pfizer’s  Global Health Fellows. This ability to  influence and be a change agent will be viewed as critical as many high profile initiatives undertaken by a CLO will demand the involvement of a cross functional team of C-level players in the organization. Jeanne’s name is synonymous with the establishment and institutionalization of global corporate universities. It might seem obvious but when was the last time one saw curiosity as a job requirement competency?
Also consider the case where an industry benchmarks others in the same industry, sounds like idea inbreeding. Typically, they had less business operations experience, including that of managing the training function as a business function, and were less able to drive change in the organization; towards better governance, broader stakeholder alignment and consensus, and operating efficiency. You also need to take into account leadership styles, with an emphasis on Situational Leadership. Although this list is not comprehensive, and these skills are not exclusive to psychology, having these attributes can make a good psychologist, great. A good psychologist understands how to summarize these numbers with the use of statistical tests and equations.
There are thousands of scientific journals out there, with information from decades of research.
Having a strong ethical code is important to ensure the safety and well-being of your patients.
You must be able to keep yourself motivated, even when results aren’t immediately apparent. Good psychologists have to have alternative strategies available and be able to implement them quickly. Extrapolating from past experience is not a good method to predict outcomes in the far from certainty range. And as more CLOs gain exposure to the company board of directors as an adviser on talent issues, this will build a case in assuming this boarder role.
Jeanne is the author of three books, Corporate Quality Universities and Corporate Universities.
Without these abilities, researchers could not begin to understand what they are observing and whether it is significant to the wider human population, and clinical psychologists would not be able to understand the data and how to apply it to their practice. And as a researcher, basing experiments on a strong ethical foundation is critical to ensure you get unbiased, useful results without harming anyone. To learn more about our psychology degrees and concentrations, please visit our online School of Psychology.
Gwin,Communication Strategies: A Guide for Agricultural Change Agents, The Interstate Printers and Publishers, Inc, 1982, pp. Sometimes unexpected things happen, and you will have to step in and make a change to save your work. This will help assure that the CLO leadership function IS able to drive the alignment and change necessary for success.

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