Utilizing the case study in our textbook I feel will help understand the Contingency Theory a little easier.
Based on Popovich’s relationship motivation, I think she scored herself high on the aspects of the LPC Questionnaire, that relate to relationships such as pleasant, friendly, supporting, open, considerate, agreeable, and kind.  Conversely, she scored herself low in the areas that detract from relationships such as rejecting, tense, distant, cold, boring, quarrelsome, gloomy, backbiting, and untrustworthy, nasty and insincere. In our case study we find that Art, Bob, and Carol have three very different circumstances in which they apply different leadership styles.  Art, although “involved in day to day operations” and “walks though the plant” (Northouse, 2013, p. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A LEADER IS A PERSON WHO TAKES THE DECISION IN SUCH A MANNER THAT IT MATCHES THE WORKING STYLE OF THE SUBORDINATES.
How We Do It > Theory According to quantum mechanics, all things conform to the energy that surrounds them. February 21, 2015 by gsl117 1 Comment Volunteer organizations can be difficult to lead in good times but can be especially difficult in times of turmoil. Evaluating the situation then results in a preferred leadership style for someone with a low to middle Least Preferred Coworker score.
I have often found it difficult to match the scientific theories with the theological doctrine of the church that I attended. THEY SHOULD ALSO KNOW THAT HOW HIS OR HER EMPLOYEES ARE COMPETENT AND COMMITTED IN ORDER TO PERFORM A GIVEN TASK.

Specifically, the results we create are a direct outcome of the quantum manifestation process (as seen below). For example, my church is absent paid leadership and the congregational council, and all volunteer group, is leading the church.
Contingency theory attempts “to match leaders to appropriate situations” and that leader “effectiveness depends on how well the leader’s style fits the context” (Northouse 2013 p. Managing this process effectively using best practices is essential to producing great results. Carl has been a long time member of the congregation and has served in this position before.
As council president, one cannot fire someone from membership or reward someone with a special place to sit in church. We also learn from quantum mechanics that the manifestation process is shaped by the collective mind, and each individual’s conscious and unconscious minds. Carl, the current council president is outgoing, talkative but can be very directive in his leadership style. Position power is the least powerful factor in determining overall situational favorability (PSUWC 2015 L6). He continues to lead from this style and does not appear to feel any stress in the situation.

This tells us that managing the collective mind of the organization, which is the culture and expectations of the leadership team, is primary. However the larger church body has a written process to follow for congregations with vacancies. Additionally, how each person manages their conscious and unconscious minds using emotional intelligence and consciousness practices is central to optimal performance.
In this document the tasks are clear to move from vacancy to pastoral call and there are few alternative ways to fill the pulpit.
One characteristic of structure that is not met is has to do with a limited number of solutions. It is possible to find multiple good fits for the congregation depending on how long the pulpit can remain vacant.

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