Vous decouvrirez la puissance de la PNL en tant qu’outils de communication inter-personnel. Presentation  generale de la PNL : son origine , sa philosophie et ses developpements dans le coaching personnel.
Formation dispensee sous la forme d’exposes theoriques, demonstrations et applications pratiques avec partage des apprentissages en groupe. L’ensemble se deroule dans une dynamique de groupe, valorisant l’expression et les differences de chacun.
Today’s post is written by Joshua Di Frances, a Project Manager in the Biomedical Research Institute at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). Health care is changing rapidly due to several factors, including legislative reform, technological innovation, and changes in the practice of medicine. Every patient has different values, preferences, and desired health outcomes based on his or her unique background, experiences, and lifestyle.

Patient-centered care also focuses on the health outcomes that are important to individual patients, addressing questions such as: “Will this treatment improve the quality of my life?
In response to the shift toward patient-centered care, the Biomedical Research Institute at BWH recently established the Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Center (PCERC). Patient-centered care involves transforming the relationship between providers and patients from the traditional model, in which a care provider prescribes the same treatment for most patients with similar diagnoses or conditions, into a patient-provider partnership that considers treatment options based on a patient’s unique concerns, preferences, and values.
Patients now have instant access to health information via their computers or mobile phones. Dan Solomon, BWH Chief of Clinical Sciences, Department of Rheumatology, and Co-director for the PCERC. Today’s post explores what patient-centered care is and what it means for you and your family. How will the implications of a particular therapy affect my family?” To answer these questions, there must be more and better communication among care providers, patients, and patients’ families.

By publishing the results of these studies, researchers hope patients, caregivers and their physicians will have the necessary information to make better-informed health care decisions that take into account patient preferences. When visiting with your physician, make sure to ask questions, listen, and communicate what’s important to you.
It requires health care providers, hospital administrators, and policy makers to be continuously engaged with patients so that they are aware of the outcomes that matter most to patients and can help them make decisions that are in the best interest of patients.

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