It can happen within our self or two people; each person acts as both sender and receiver and hence use interpretation. Semantic noise is a concept introduced here it occurs when sender and receiver apply different meaning to the same message.
Note: When semantic noise takes place decoding and interpretation becomes difficult and people get deviated from the actual message. This model does not talk about semantic noise and it assume the moment of encoding and decoding. This is wonderful, this model equalise both the sender and reciever to play the same role, however, the fedback may be delayed. Thank you very much.Additionally, the model does not say anything about the medium through which message passes from the encoder to decoder.

Design and communication has traditionally been viewed only as an extension of a development program, and when visual communication is employed, designers, artists, communication planners, and program managers neglect the needs of their audience.
There is a need for group, age, gender-specific communication material for a rural context.
Aristotle, a great philosopher initiative the earliest mass communication model called “Aristotle’s Model of Communication”.
Aristotle advises speakers to build speech for different audience on different time (occasion) and for different effects. Aristotle wrote two thousand four hundred years ago but his clear and logical insights are still foundations for communications theory, as they are in theater (another form of communication ) as well. Designers create one-size-fits-all messages, and communication managers follow professional communication strategies.

He proposed model before 300 B.C who found the importance of audience role in communication chain in his communication model.
The speaker must prepare his speech and analysis audience needs before he enters into the stage. Technical Language, So certain words and phrases will cause you to deviate from the actual meaning of the communication.
However, there is a blatant disconnect between the sender of visual messages ? who are typically urban, educated professionals ? and the receiver of the message ? who are often rural, illiterate villagers ? in development programs.

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