What the law of attraction basically says is that whatever your dominant thought patters are, are what manifests in your reality. There is no way to think you are rich, feel you are rich, believe you are rich, and not be rich.
If you look at that pattern of trend, it becomes clear that whatever you think is what you become. This might be a scary reality for some people, but don’t worry, the first part of manifest what you truly want is being able to recognize this law. You might notice that things always break around you, you get into fights with a lot of people and you aren’t as financially free as you want to.
You have to constantly be feeling that way about everything however for it to have the full effect. You have to be ABSOLUTELY clear on what you want to manifest and how much of it for the universe to deliver you the way. You have to realize that you will need to start acting differently and taking more opportunities when they present themselves instead of procrastinating on them. But that work won’t seem like work when you are working for what YOU  want instead of what SOMEONE ELSE is telling you to do. However, as a unique species, we all want different things and different amounts of those things.

You can pick whatever you want and you will eventually get it if you think and KNOW you will eventually get it. If you intend on making the world a better place, spreading positive energy and treating everyone the way you want to be treated, you can have a lot of fun with this. You will be able to have a ton of fun with your friends and enjoy the process as a collective whole. If you are wondering how you can start eliminating negative thought patterns, I suggest you read my article called Using a Rubberband to Squash Negative Thought Patterns. Begin to feel how it will feel when you ALREADY HAVE those items or events you want to experience. The universe will tune into your frequency and you will begin to attract positive experiences, opportunities, and people to help you along the way. It will be a LOT of fun once you have whatever it is you want and you can live in complete freedom knowing you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING anymore, because you can create EVERYTHING you want.
If I go around thinking that my state of mind has no effect on reality then will my state of mind have no effect on reality? The subconscious mind can sabotage our attempts at using the Law of Attraction effectively. To subscribe to our website and interact with our growing community of users, please enter your e-mail address below.

Focus on the outcome and how it will feel once you have it and the universe will provide the products and the path to achieving whatever it is you want. Know you have no limit to what you can create and begin to try to manifest small things at first because they will manifest a lot quicker.
I watched it two days ago and it was very mind blowing, I knew of the power of words as I had read a book on it but it is very similar.
You thoughts made you buy the computer or cellphone you are reading this from and your thoughts decided which specific type, brand, and price you felt was worth it for that product. Well it can only happen if you change your thought patterns and tune into a more positive frequency.
Rather than feeling like you are at effect from events in the universe, feel that you can CREATE the events in YOUR universe. When you are predominantly thinking positive, you manifest positive experiences and these experiences will make you NEVER want to go back to any other frequency once you recognize the potential of positive thinking and positive energy.

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