Because I’m still in graduate school, I won’t pretend to know anything about organizing materials for a school based SLP, BUT I do have a pretty good system for myself in school!
Then, I also keep a separate clinic binder where I keep data and materials.I ALWAYS have a running to-do list of everything I need to do. I do have a planner but because I’m obsessed with to-do lists and schedules, I usually use another week at a glance form as well. Once children reach the middle school and high school age, autism will become even more challenging as social pressures become even more intense. Dating etiquette and opposite gender interactions can be very challenging when working with autistic children. As social pressures become more intense in middle school and high school, and as children learn everyday social interactions and prepare for the future, children on the spectrum can really struggle with this transition. Outlines help maintain the speech’s focus on the thesis by allowing the speaker to test the scope of content, assess logical relationships between ideas, and evaluate the relevance of supporting ideas.
Outlines help organize a message that the audience can understand by visually showing the balance and proportion of a speech. Outlines can help you deliver clear meanings by serving as the foundation for speaking notes you will use during your presentation. In order for your speech to be as effective as possible, it needs to be organized into logical patterns.
Finally, a solid full-sentence outline helps your audience understand your message because they will be able to follow your reasoning.
Your authors have noted among their past and present students a reluctance to write full-sentence outlines. When you begin with a clear, concrete thesis statement, it acts as kind of a compass for your outline. Let’s say the general purpose of your speech is to inform, and your broad topic area is wind-generated energy.
Your first main point could be that modern windmills require a very small land base, making the cost of real estate low.
In your second main point, you might be tempted to claim that windmills don’t pollute in the ways other sources do. Your third point, the point some audience members will want to hear, is the cost for generating electrical energy with windmills compared with other sources. When you write in outline form, it is much easier to test the scope of your content because you can visually locate specific information very easily and then check it against your thesis statement. You have many choices for your topic, and therefore, there are many ways your content can be logically organized.
A cause-and-effect pattern calls on you to describe a specific situation and explain what the effect is. Although a comparison-contrast pattern appears to dictate just two main points, McCroskey, Wrench, and Richmond explain how a comparison-and-contrast can be structured as a speech with three main points.
Whatever logical pattern you use, if you examine your thesis statement and then look at the three main points in your outline, you should easily be able to see the logical way in which they relate. When you create an outline, you can clearly see that you need supporting evidenceInformation from an expert source, which is relevant to a main point.
Similarly, your second point claims that once a wind turbine is in place, there is virtually no maintenance cost. An important step you will notice is that the full-sentence outline includes its authoritative sources within the text.
Because this is such a profound change from the academic habits that you’re probably used to, you will have to make a concerted effort to overcome the habits of the past and provide the information your listeners need when they need it.
Part of the value of writing a full-sentence outline is the visual space you use for each of your main points.
Remember that you should use the best supporting evidence you can find even if it means investing more time in your search for knowledge. Although we recommend writing a full-sentence outline during the speech preparation phase, you should also create a shortened outline that you can use as notes allowing for a strong delivery. Your first 4 ? 6 notecard can contain your thesis statement and other key words and phrases that will help you present your introduction.
Your outline can help you stay focused on the thesis of your presentation as you prepare your presentation by testing the scope of your content, examining logical relationships between topics, and checking the relevance of supporting ideas. Your outline can help you organize your message by making sure that all of your main points are well developed. Your outline can help you stay focused during your presentation by forming the foundation for your speaking outline, which lets you connect to your audience and be clear in the message you’re presenting.
In one sentence, write a clear, compelling thesis statement about each of the following topics: the effects of schoolyard bullying, the impact of alcohol on brain development, and the impact of the most recent volcano eruption in Iceland.

Transfer information from your speech outline to notecards using the guidelines described above. It includes everything I use to help stay organized during graduate school (and all of the forms I showed above). Fill in at the beginning of the semester (or whenever your schedule changes) to keep track of when you need to be certain places. While you are there, you should consider following my store for updates when I upload new and exciting products! It’s usually around $11 for 4 binders and they have the wonderful clear sleeves on the front and spines for your new, pretty binder covers! I downloaded the binder cover etc but when I added Text to the one I picked out it won’t let me add Text larger than 24 font in adobe? I didn’t see them when I downloaded your file and just wanted to check because I absolutely LOVE the gray and pink together! It says that you can type on the cover what you want, but it won’t let me do it unless I have a version of Adobe that I have to pay for. The focus in working with middle school and high school children that are on the autism spectrum should be non-verbal peer interactions and life skills that the child will need after school. Have them watch social interactions take place such as ordering lunch at a restaurant, then talk about how the interaction happened.
Talk about strategies and how to label feelings and how the child can use those techniques in social situations. Practice interactions to help your child break down the interaction and participate in an assertive, yet productive way.
Practicing is the best form of therapy for this age and teaching your child to break down situations can set him up for strategies to be able to use in the future. Figuring out when the assign which kind of speech and how to weight and grade does not have to be the problem.  Here are some ideas to consider. Remember that live audiences for oral communications lack the ability to “rewind” your message to figure out what you said, so it is critically important to help the audience follow your reasoning as it reaches their ears. In the example above, we simply listed three main points that were important economic considerations about wind farms.
In describing the events of an individual’s life, you will want to choose the three most significant events. They say that “you can easily create a third point by giving basic information about what is being compared and what is being contrasted. Your supporting evidence should show how much annual maintenance for a windmill costs and what the costs are for other energy plants. A reference librarian can quickly guide you to authoritative statistics manuals and help you make use of them.
If you were to use the full-sentence outline when delivering your speech, you would do a great deal of reading, which would limit your ability to give eye contact and use gestures, hurting your connection with your audience. Your second card can contain your first main point, together with key words and phrases to act as a map to follow as you present.
Trade outlines with a classmate and check through the outline for logical sequence of ideas, presence of credible support, proper citation, and clear organization. BUT, I also included one with blank titles for those of you who would like it divided differently! If you’re organized NOW, that’s a good trend for when you have your own speech room!
I tried converting it to a word doc so that I could add a text box and its password protected. For instance, a general purpose might be to inform the audience about airport security in general.
You have many choices, but let’s say your specific purpose is to inform a group of property owners about the economics of wind farms where electrical energy is generated.
All you need is information to support your claimA statement that warrants the support of facts from authoritative sources.
You should have no difficulty finding authoritative sourcesSources that use factually verifiable observations and data to provide rigorous conclusions that will not collapse under scrutiny.
Often the main points of a speech can be arranged into a logical pattern; let’s take a look at some such patterns.
For instance, if your topic is archaeology, you might use the reverse order, describing the newest artifacts first.
Even dental cavities have multiple causes: genetics, poor nutrition, teeth too tightly spaced, sugar, ineffective brushing, and so on. Otherwise, the speech will end up as a very lengthy and often pointless time line or bullet point list.

For example, if you are giving a speech about two different medications, you could start by discussing what the medications’ basic purposes are.
For instance, using the example above, your first main point claims that less land is needed for windmills than for other utilities. If you used a comparison with nuclear plants to support your first main point, you should do so again for the sake of consistency. In the research paper, you can add that information to the end of a sentence, leaving the reader to turn to the last page for a fuller citation.
For this reason, we recommend writing a short-phrase outline on 4 ? 6 notecards to use when you deliver your speech. If your first main point has an exact quotation you plan to present, you can include that on your card.
Give feedback to your partner on areas where he or she has done well and where the outline might be improved. I made sure to make it perfect for SLPs or anyone looking for some cute, organizational pages. You will need to take careful steps to include pertinent information your audience might not know and to explain relationships that might not be evident to them. But on the other hand, we find that students who carefully write a full-sentence outline show a stronger tendency to give powerful presentations of excellent messages. Perhaps in another speech, your thesis will address environmental impact, but in this speech, you must stay within the economic scope. If you choose a cause-and-effect pattern, make sure you have enough reliable support to do the topic justice. Then you could talk about the similarities, and then the differences, between the two medications.”McCroskey, J. Your supporting evidence should be about the amount of acreage required for a windmill and the amount of acreage required for other energy generation sites, such as nuclear power plants or hydroelectric generators.
It becomes very clear, then, that the third main point about the amount of electricity and its profitability needs authoritative references to compare it to the profit from energy generated at a nuclear power plant. If you find that one of your main points has eight supporting points while the others only have three each, you have two choices: either choose the best three from the eight supporting points or strengthen the authoritative support for your other two main points. The good news is that your three main points suggest how you should prepare your notecards.
Your third notecard should be related to your second main point, your fourth card should be about your third main point, and your fifth card should be related to your conclusion.
Using a standard outline format, you can make decisions about your main points, the specific information you will use to support those points, and the language you will use. Perhaps you will say that once windmills are in place, they require virtually no maintenance. They include his life as a Mississippi riverboat captain, his success as a world-renowned writer and speaker, and his family life. In this third main point, you should make use of just a few well-selected statistics from authoritative sources to show the effectiveness of wind farms compared to the other energy sources you’ve cited.
From the beginning of the supporting point, you need to fully cite your source so your audience can assess its importance. In this way, your five notecards follow the very same organizational pattern as your full outline. Without an outline, your message is liable to lose logical integrityA characteristic of reasoning in which each claim is carefully supported by an orderly sequence of the right kind of evidence and by the right amount of evidence..
As we have seen in other chapters of this book, writing your specific purpose in clear language serves you well. A simple time line would present great difficulty in highlighting the relationships between important events. It might even deteriorate into a list of bullet points with no apparent connection to each other except the topic, leaving your audience relieved when your speech is finally over.
An outline, however, would help you emphasize the key events that contributed to Mark Twain’s extraordinary life.
It suggests what kind of supporting evidence is needed, so less effort is expended in trying to figure out what to do next.

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