But today, I’m back to square one, back to anxiety and desperation and second-guessing myself. Few people have been as successful and even fewer in such a short amount of time, but my friend still doesn’t know why he does what he does.
So what, pray tell, sustains us as artists, if it’s not work, if it’s not the accolades and accomplishments?
Some writers tell stories about other people; they base their characters on friends or live vicariously through the experiences of strangers. But the best writers, I believe, write about something more, something larger — the experience of life itself.
I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive. And this is the job of a writer: to set the stage for us to lose — and then find — ourselves. So what does this mean for us as artists and entrepreneurs, those dreaming of creating things that will change the world?
We put ourselves right in the middle of life, so that we remember what it means to be alive.
We must strive to live, truly live, and when the busyness of life subsides, to steal away for a few minutes and re-member those memories.
We tell our stories, as my friend Jon Acuff says, so that others can find see stories in our own. This is where most artists fail: they lose themselves in the art or let life squelch out any opportunity to create. That’s why I canceled my appointments yesterday, loaded up the minivan, and took my family to the zoo. Living and writing — we need them both; one to inspire us to write, and the other to remind us why.
To me,a life worth writing (and reading) about can be different at differing times in my life. On my personal blog, which serves as a journal as well as a place to try and inspire my family and friends, I was trying really hard to catch up on some travel and family events in the last 6 months and had all but stopped writing about what was actually going on.
A new job and my uncle’s funeral have thrown me for a bit of a loop the last week or so. For me, it means doing the things I’m afraid to do so I actually have something to write about later.
I’ve had such a desire and passion to write a book on the subject of testimonies and why sharing our stories is the most powerful thing we can do.
I struggle with this balance all the time and don’t feel like I have the answers yet, but I am beginning to notice some things that might seem like they may be affecting my balance. Great post Jeff, too often I get lost in the hustle of it all, those doubts and fears take my focus away from my why, this is a good reminder.
As of this week I’m in a big break from school (waiting to get in nursing school) and I really want to get back to writing. After recently finishing up a successful Kickstarter campaign for my show, This Is My Brave, I took a few days away from social media to rest. I believe the answer to turning this feeling around is to get out there and live life, experience new adventures, meet new people and then return to the page to write it out where I’ll work to find the meaning of it all for myself.
Such a great message–yes, we need to create the experience, the life, the passion; before we can write about it!

Wow, I have a sneaking suspicion your example is inspiring those who read your comment, Ian! A life worth writing about is the one where I learn better to see all which is living around me. Right now it looks like a little bit of adventure (ice climbing, adventure races, etc) mixed with loving my family. The mixture of frustration, grief, happiness, action, and love make it a life worth writing about. It looks like getting up each morning with expectancy and gratitude for what lies before me.
This is a good bit of reinforcement – a well placed rest is as important (at least) as as hard work. A life worth writing about us a life that is captured by real feelings — your happiness and your sadness, your joys and fears. I just finished raking some leaves in the yard, and now, as you can see, my words are spilling into the comment window as if my literary jugular had been slashed with a chain saw. As more people are getting help from English essay writing services, we are able to offer quality writing for quite affordable price. Free printable primary lined and regular lined writing paper for preschoolers, kindergarden and early elementary students to learn and practice handwriting. Sometimes I write and read for pure escapism – because I wish to be in a different life for a while. I have discovered (or actually re-discovered, yet again) that when my writing is too far disconnected from my real life, I get antsy, anxious, even depressed. Experiencing life and relationships keeps the heart alive and powerful writing and communication can only come from a heart that is alive. I’m not working out or writing on a regular basis, but actually living and being present is so important. Thank you so much for an excellent post and for the reminder that you actually have to Live in order to have something worth writing about. Your posts are always encouraging and helpful, but today you are 100% on target for me (and obviously for many others, from reading the comments). They put in what we thought was the meaning, read good books and OT needed for our sex so much priceless. For me, it’s all about helping those that want more from their life but have listened to too many negative voices. But all we saw were kangaroos, tigers, some monkeys, and the petting zoo (hence all the goats).
It may not look exactly how I want it to, but it’s how I live through it that matters.
A life worth living would (and hopefully will) be a harmonious balance of experiences and a voice that gives it all meaning, making it applicable to my readers. If my choices in my life gave me heartaches, discipline or joy, then I fill my pages with that.
The truth is that educational process itself as hard as it may seem is very exciting process and the new opportunities it may open up can never be underestimated.
As we are ready to provide the essay writing services around the clock, the customer service representatives will be able to help you any time you need the essay writing to be done for you. Each week, I send out a newsletter with free tips on writing and creativity.Start Building Your Audience TodayDownload my free eBook and learn exactly what I did to grow my blog from zero to 100,000 readers in 18 months.

Sometimes I just want to share the longings of my soul for a world that is more equal and more worthwhile for everyone. In the same way that I need to live in order to write, I need to make sure I’m aware of the living, rather than only going on memories or even future hopes and dreams.
The life you live challenges me to be more intentional with my family, my work, and relationships. I’ve been focusing on living life and enjoying it, and the writing has taken a back burner. The one that would allow you to put aside what you thought you’d do, to do what you need to do. Lately, I’ve been doubting this and wondering if this is something God would actually call me to do. I gave me some gusto to write knowing that even successful people feel the way I am feeling from time to time, that I need to persevere through it, and while I am persevering, I need to be living wholeheartedly. It is pure gift and grace from God as I live in this time of chronic illness and tell a story still worth living, still have a story worth telling. I dove in hard and fast as I always do – writing and self publishing three eBook in my first year with limited success. For this important reason, English essay writing services are gaining more and more popularity as the mean to enhance one’s English essay writing skills.
Without further explanations, we would like you to use our paper writing services right this minute. I like to write about the small things that happen that have a huge impact – like receiving an act of random kindness. Then, I have times where the writing and podcasts are consuming, and life takes a back seat. I’ve had to take a step back and look and putting some building blocks in pace to support my writing (the stuff I like to avoid). The professional team of writers that stands behind any kind of essay writing services are people who have been in writing years for years thus gaining more knowledge and experience in the college papers writing field. If you don’t have a particular paper to write, you may have a question that can be addressed to our customer service representative through the online chat you can use. None of it is hugely important to anyone else but me, except that if we can sometimes waken someone to the small blessings that we all receive along the way, then maybe it is important. How fortunate we are to learn that getting to where we think we want to go is NOT the end all.
I despise that about myself, so thanks for sharing some of your own story that clears some of the shame of my own.
I appreciate it when you share the challenges you had getting to where you are as well as hard work and patience. Due in large part to you it is becoming more of a story of my life Andrew journey I’m on instead of just some facts spilled out on the page.

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