Aston Villa starlet Jack Grealish scored two goals on his full England Under-21s debut as they thrashed Guinea 7-1 on Monday night.
The 20-year-old attacking midfielder, who endured a frustrating campaign with relegated Villa having fallen out of favour with former boss Remi Garde and caretaker chief Eric Black, pledged his future to England over the Republic of Ireland in September. However, having failed to force his way into senior coach Roy Hodgson's plans, Under-21 boss Gareth Southgate took a chance on Grealish by naming him in his squad for this week's Toulon Tournament. Following an opening 1-0 win against Portugal, Grealish was thrown in from the start in Monday's Group B clash in Aubagne and he repaid the faith with a double strike in the comfortable victory. Fulham striker Cauley Woodrow also scored twice, while Southampton's James Ward-Prowse, Nathan Redmond of Norwich and an own goal from Mohamed Toure completed the scoring.
You need Flash to watch this video.Sorry, your browser doesn't support Flash, needs a Flash update, or has Flash disabled. In a competitive work environment, many older adults feel pressure to look younger, but it also makes them feel good.
You set your holiday budget and worry about the add ons, no need, you can sail on board any of our vessel  and spend diddly squat. RYA Courses - Competent Crew, Watch Leader, Day Skipper Practical and Yacht Master Preperation.
Wildlife Voyages Whales, Dolphins, Walrus, Penguins, Albatros from the Arctic to Antarctic and many wildlife destinations inbetween. We call some of our voyages ‘expeditions’ but what does Classic Sailing mean by this label? Firstly we are not the Army so it’s not about conquering a new summit or claiming new territory. As we are sailors we are talking about voyages where you enjoy being at sea but also feel the urge to explore dry land. Look for a captain and crew who always want to see what is around the next headland and are as keen to explore ashore as you are.  Tecla’s skipper Gjis wanted to take his family tall ship to Iceland, so he has created a summer expedition in 2016 you can still join in Icelandic ports with good transport links (if you don’t mind flying in Indiana Jones style passenger planes from Reykjavik). Skipper James MacKenzie on Eda Frandsen sails a vast sailing ground around Skye and the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Another approach to seeing the world through different eyes, is to look deep into the landscape and seascape you are traversing and find new layers of understanding.
Skipper Nikki Alford on Bessie Ellen has been exploring Scotland and the fringes of Europe for over 20 years on her ship.
Icelandic owned expedition ship Opal often starts her Greenland voyages with a meal at home in Ittoqoortomitt with a local Inuit family, so you can understand their relationship with the land, sea, huskies and polar bears. Cake in the afternoon after a walk accross Knoydart Peninsula -  An American birthday boy gets the stawberry on Eda Frandsen gaff cutter.
If you feel you have grown up in the wrong century and the whole world has been discovered – think again. Latest news text: What Makes a Good Expedition Voyage (and some of our best Expeditions this Summer) We call some of our voyages ‘expeditions’ but what does Classic Sailing mean by this label?

Commencement season is upon us again, as those long in the tooth and sometimes in wind, impart their wisdom to graduates. For Grace Sparks, a recent graduate of The College of Wooster in Ohio, her commencement speaker inspired her, even though it wasn't someone famous: It was the college's interim president, S.
Negrut, 46, an archivist with a master's degree in library science, says four commencement addresses, all of which went viral, stand out on nearly every list of the best. Others haven't quite gotten the praise that those four did, and social media puts more pressure on speakers to be compelling.
Like Wooster, many colleges are turning to in-house talent, according to Bill Tyson, founder and president of Morrison & Tyson Communications, a New Hampshire firm that serves higher education. Join us for TLCme's weekly health roundup, where we gather the most fascinating health news for you -- all in one place!
Though we've known for years that a mother's lifestyle can both positively and negatively affect a baby's health, a recent study in the American Journal of Stem Cells, found that both parents' habits can predict health issues in their child.
We permit you to submit content either found on the web or upload your own work like designs illustration, art, photos etc. OK when you are on some of our vessels you can buy a drink and T-shirt but that’s about it. If it is wild and beautiful and evokes a sense of peace and wonder to find a landscape so untarnished by man, then maybe we have created a reward similar to true pioneering. It’s a big gamble to do something commercially untested – rather than sail the same sailing grounds, but he sees it as a stepping stone to similar one off expeditions to places like Spitsbergen, Greenland or maybe take Tecla South to Antarctica. We know his guests will never get bored because James, 1st mate Gab and Chloe all have  a 'boys own' sense of adventure and are constantly discovering new anchorages and landing places.
As someone from a farming family herself she takes time to understand the land as intimately as a any ghillie. On a ship that usually means hot showers, a warm place to socialise and somewhere to dry the inevitable wet clothes.
Sailing is physically tiring, so if you add walking or mountain climbing you are going to eat well and sleep well.
As you look at glacier carved valleys and lochs you can imagine what they must have looked like during the last ice age (a bit like Greenland today). Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Electronics! Strong black tea is sweetened by rich boiled milk and given a pleasant bite from a handful of spices. For example, older fathers are linked with elevated rates of schizophrenia, paternal obesity is associated with a child's risk of metabolic changes and diabetes, and a dad's drinking habits may lead to a reduction in overall brain size and impaired cognitive function. If you submit quality base content, it will be featured on the main page so everybody can see it. She can tell you exactly where you can find sea eagles, and talks to Scottish castle owners about the economics of running an estate or finds out what it is like to create a whole island community that lives off renewable energy.

It is also great to have enough quiet corners below decks to write a journal or sheltered nooks to snooze on deck in the sun. Irene, Bessie Ellen, Leader, Oosterschelde and Tecla are all expedition ships for the intelligent traveller who wants to understand the geology, history and wildlife. And while commencement addresses by big-name celebrities grab the most headlines, having someone like President Obama or comedian Stephen Colbert isn't a necessary ingredient. A Wall Street Journal article found that the best players of this popular party game are excellent at determining the card czar's sense of humor. There is no known cause-and-effect relationship, but it can't hurt if dads-to-be are just as concerned with their health as moms. According to a new study in Appetite, employees who sat closest to food and drinks were more likely to take a snack. Tech Times reported that even after factoring in age and education, those with full schedules had better brain processing speed, working memory, reasoning, and vocabulary. The tampon has a long string that attaches a bluetooth module to your waistband -- and tells you exactly when you should take a trip to the ladies room.
Now, 13 years and 98 touchdowns later, Fitzgerald is graduating from the University of Phoenix. Gjis has already spent two winters sailing as the first mate on Bark Europa in Antarctica and the Chilean Fjords. You can even step back in time and sail on a historic sailing ship like a Victorian explorer.We asked a recent sailor who had crossed part of the Pacific recently on square rigger Tenacious whether the wold seemed bigger or smaller. They know who will appreciate dirty jokes, who will enjoy a completely random response, and who needs a literal answer. The likelihood of snacking increased from 12% to 23% for men and from 13% to 17% for women when they were seated closest to the treats. The brain is continually building neural connections and by interacting with people, scheduling activities and staying busy, you're constantly stimulating the brain (and helping build these connections).
Fitzgerald is graduating with a degree in Communications and Marketing, and hopes to one day pursue a career in journalism and broadcasting.
She said it was “mind-blowingly vast and very humbling to be out there on a 65m sailing ship”. Debbie sailed in 380km in Greenland Scorseby Sund and never saw another human being on the water or the vast tundra lands to port and starboard, apart from our own multinational ship’s crew.  She was only away from the office for 8 days and the flight there only took 2 hours from Iceland.

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