Have you ever receive a phone call, e-mail or text message notifying you that you just won the lottery?
Never give your credit card information or banking information to somebody over the phone or e-mail that you do not know. Be weary of Jamaicans and Nigerians as these are the geographic originals of most lotto scams. To protect yourself and others: if you receive an e-mail or phone call notifying you that you won the lottery or a contest and you are required to pay a fee to collect your winnings call crime stoppers 1-800-222-8477.
Ottawa – Once again, no one has the winning ticket for the $50-million jackpot in Friday night’s Lotto Max draw. There were also two MaxMillions prizes of $1-million each up for grabs, and one was claimed by a ticketholder in British Columbia. Lotto Max’s grand prize was last won June 5, when the $50-million was divided among four ticketholders. With Lotto Max, any amount over the $50 million jackpot is divided into $1 million prizes called Maxmillions. OLG says since its launch in September 2009, Lotto Max players in Ontario have won more than $2 billion in prizes, including 40 jackpot wins and 220 winning Maxmillions tickets. The jackpot for next Friday’s draw on July 3 will remain at $50-million, and there will be approximately 12 MaxMillions prizes available. When she isn't busy creating content for the site, she can usually be found spending time with her two Boxer dogs.. The winning numbers from the Canadian Lotto Max draw on Friday October 24th were 3, 12, 25, 30, 42, 44, 45 and the bonus ball was 26. Players of the Lotto Max had the chance to win a jackpot of $10 million by matching all seven of the main numbers.
Last Friday’s draw produced a total of 735,025 winning players that shared prizes totalling $18,651,906. Keeping up with the latest trends in entertainment, Matt Holden brings celeb news to the front page of OCA.
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Unknown player from Ontario is richer for CAD50 000 million, since there is a single winning ticket sold in the Hamilton area Lotto Max draw on 20th March.
Unknown player from Ontario is richer for CAD50 000 million, since there is a single winning ticket sold in the Hamilton area Lotto Max draw on Friday, 20th March. There were no winning tickets sold for the two MaxMillions prizes of CAD1 million each, but OLG says there were two winning ENCORE tickets sold in the Waterloo and Mississauga, which amounted CAD100,000 each. For a CAD5 wager, a player chooses seven numbers from a field of 49 or asks for a ticket in which 7 numbers are randomly generated.
One especially interesting thing about Canadian lottery jackpot games is that winners receive their prizes in a tax-free lump sum. Lotto Max is administered by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, which works with the five regional lottery corporations owned by the 10 provinces and 3 territories.
Considering these percentages, it is important to emphasize that the money is not taken from the prizes. The CAD50 000 million jackpot is surely one of the biggest prizes provided by Lotto Max, and for the last week's player means life changing gain.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, known as OLG since 2006, is a Crown Corporation of the Government of Ontario, Canada.
It was created in April 2000 when the Ontario Lottery Corporation was merged with the Ontario Casino Corporation. OLG prize centre is located in Toronto, while the corporation's headquarters are located in Sault Ste. EuroMillions is an exciting multinational lottery, it has huge jackpots, and over the years players have won millions of Euros. A multinational European lottery, EuroMillions allows people from 13 different countries in Europe to participate and win cash prizes, the maximum of which is a giant jackpot of no less than €190 million! To play EuroMillions, the player selects any five numbers, called main numbers, from 1 to 50; and two more numbers, called lucky star numbers, from a pool of 11 numbers. EuroMillions started in 2004, by La Francaise Des Jeux (the operator of France’s national lottery), Loterias y Apuestas del Estado (the Spanish entity in charge of state lotteries), and Camelot (the operators of the UK National Lottery). You might say that winning these kinds of prizes is a matter of luck, but one could certainly improve their chances of winning by adopting certain behaviors. Mega Millions jackpot is ready to grab The life of lottery jackpot winners changes overnight. Play MegaMillions online The Mega Millions lottery is one of the mega jackpot lotteries loved by lottery players. Provides information, advice and counselling to individuals and families concerned about problem gambling. Sign in to our NewsLetter Stay informed and receives as from today all our analyses,latest news as well as prize values in upcoming lotteries. Well according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), you should be cautious because in 2012 the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre received 5,478 complaints of prize or lottery fraud.
If someone tells you that you won a lottery that you never entered just ignore the message all together.
Any player that matched at least three of the main numbers will have won a free entry to the next draw.
Since its launch, Ontario LOTTO MAX players have won over CAD2 billion in prizes, including 40 jackpot wins and 211 winning MAXMILLIONS tickets. These are printed on a ticket with two additional sets of seven randomly generated numbers. Namely, on July 6, 2012, Lotto Max reached a total jackpot of CAD100 million, consisting of a main pool of CAD50 million with fifty potential Maxmillions prizes of CAD1 million each.
Started in the summer of 2015, the maximum Lotto Max jackpot will increase to CAD60 million. It takes care of province lotteries, Aboriginal and charity casinos, commercial casinos and slot machines at horse-racing tracks. For some people gambling can cause addiction which leads to pathological gambling which is why Casino Release supports and promotes responsible gambling. Luckily, one does not necessarily have to buy a ticket at a lottery booth on the street to play EuroMillions; you can now play EuroMillions online, from the comfort of your home. The lucky star numbers are drawn from a different pool of balls than that of the main numbers. Over the years, quite a few people have won the jackpots and others have won great amounts of money.

There have been plenty of other wins around €130 million, €100 million, €70 million etc., which are certainly not too shabby. For example, choosing numbers greater than 31 can improve winning chances since it means not having to share the winnings with other people.
It is a lottery portal website, which offers information and resources related to lotteries and lottery services from around the world. Matching at least three of the main numbers with the bonus ball or four main numbers without the bonus ball will have won a cash prize. Prizes are awarded based on how many numbers in each set on a ticket match the drawn numbers. Three continuing weeks of rollovers provoked the draw's massive payout, the largest in Lotto Max history, and the situation was repeated in December 2013, when the total jackpot once again hit CAD100 million. Therefore, you can use the same number twice in your picks for the main numbers and the lucky star numbers.
The biggest jackpot to date, €190 million, was won by Adrian and Gillian Bayford of Haverhill, Suffolk in the UK in August of 2012; in October 2014, the same sum was won by an anonymous Portuguese ticket sold in Castelo Branco. For example, when you play Euro Lottery offline, you must claim your prize money within 180 days, but when play EuroMillions online, the winnings are automatically credited to your account and you don’t have a deadline on claiming them. Visiting any external website through links or advertisements displayed here must be done at your own discretion.
It is necessary to have minimum three matching numbers on the ticket, in order to win any prize. You can play 7 lines of numbers for each play slip, and similarly to other lotteries, you can play up to 10 slips at one time.
Since then, several more countries have also joined: Andorra, the Isle of Man, Liechtenstein and Monaco. Lottery is about statistics, meaning that the more times you play Euromillions, the better chance you have at winning.
Even those websites, or the services they offer, which are recommended by this site, are not guaranteed by us and we cannot be held responsible for any dealings you have with them. The jackpot can amount maximum CAD50 million, beyond which additional draws are conducted for CAD1 million each.
To win the giant jackpot, the player must match all five main numbers and two luck star numbers. Colin and Chris Weir from Largs, a town near Glasgow, Scotland, won €185 million in July 2011.
Any interactions you have with these websites are not the responsibility of the owner of this website. And of course, a major advantage is that you don’t have to leave the house to play EuroMillions.

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