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128k shares Share on Facebook Share on TwitterOur brains behave like a beachball filled with bees.
Imagine if 20 years ago you were a genius who had the idea of starting up Google, and Amazon, and Facebook.
If you absolutely had to do that – if your life and the lives of everybody you cared about depended upon it – how would you? Unfortunately pulling yourself in too many directions is the single quickest way to ensure failure. And putting your all into a single direction is the quickest way to ensure success.
The few people who have achieved the most staggering, world changing things with their lives didn’t do so by dividing their intentions.

You just invented three of the best business ideas of the last century, and if you had started any one of them you could now be worth billions.
You may not be able to create the next Google, cure cancer and land on Mars at the same time. They aimed high, got their bumblebees in line, and said no to all the other opportunities that life presented them. Big goals are paradoxically more likely to stick because they’re worth ignoring smaller goals for.
Our desires are countless, independent agents, working to nudge our beachball in their own selfish direction. Your goals are the same, you’re just usually too attached to them in the moment to notice.

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