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My dad is a quiet man who was raised in a time where men didn’t show their emotions readily.
He arrived shortly after my birth and in spite of my battered and bruised appearance, loved me…right from the start…even though I had injuries from the birth, he fussed over me, carried me, fed me and nurtured both my mom and I as we both recovered. And he believed in me and in fact, still does…and there is power in believing in someone…especially when it is your child. A good father is just as important as a good mother…neither parent is more important… they are equally important. Do they need small gifts (usually when they are young children, this one works well)…like a small toy or a candy bar or a balloon? Do they need to have a story read to them at night and a reassurance that there are no monsters under the bed?
Ask them…they will let you know…and if your children are older, your role shifts in their life and they still need to know that you love them. I am a Relationship Coach who helps others create happy, healthy, loving relationships…including the relationship they have with themselves…by breaking through those blocks and barriers to success. One way to start using Lao Tzu’s teachings  is to have conscious thoughts about each of the three subjects. 1) Simplicity:  Find ways to simplify your life, free up some time for reflection, for thought. Learning patience by dealing with your own impatience within yourself will help you to have more patience for others. Hold a door open a little longer for that fellow human that needs to walk a bit slower than most because of age or health related issues. These little things will help train your mind to look for ways to help others and open your heart to being more compassionate to others misfortunes and frustrations. Try to simplify a few things, be a bit more patient with today’s events, and find a way to express some compassion towards another human being. I sat there for a minute, looking down at a copy of my resume, hoping the answer would jump up at me. A couple weeks ago I reached out to all of you fine Twitter followers and asked you to take a minute and put your life under the microscope. To define, in 140 characters or less, what you considered to be your greatest accomplishment. Whether your greatest accomplishment is finishing college or raising your kids, surpassing the legacy of generations before you or volunteering your time for the less fortunate. About Matt CheuvrontI empower folks to do the work they want to do and live the life they want to live.
I like your closing point, and I completely agree – money might earn you envy and jealousy, but it will never earn you respect.
Stop struggling with the past, stop worrying about the future, the only thing that is in your (my) control is the now and how I live this exact moment. Well Grace, I actually didn’t get this job, so thank you very much for bringing up such a sensitive subject!
I love that you told your own story here, but also recognized the accomplishments of the Twitter community, very cool!

I would say that my greatest accomplishment in life so far was graduating from college cum laude.
I bet the guy that was interviewing you was speechless after you answered that… That was awesome!!! My biggest accomplishment I can say it?s also this moment, because I got the job, I?m one of those lucky persons that can say they have a dream job.
I think I?m enjoying this so much, regardless of that fact that I?m nervous and have a lot of pressure, because I learned to be happy when my life was miserable and nobody was giving me an opportunity. I think that giving that answer is very important, because is like thinking out of the box.
The important thing is to outstand, say something that will make them remember you when they are analyzing all those resumes. You are an excellent writer, so if you work as you write you won?t have any problem getting a dream job! Share If You Love Your Kids Pinterest Pictures, Share If You Love Your Kids Facebook Images, Share If You Love Your Kids Photos for Tumblr. And if you would like to send this wallpaper to Facebook, Twitter or Delicious, please be our guest! He was the one who rushed to the hospital on a bitterly, cold day when the wind whipped off of a cold Manitoba lake. I use various techniques gathered through training as a Master Practitioner of NLP, timeline, hypnosis and common sense gathered through life experience. Faster food, speedier internet, and clocks everywhere displaying how little time is left in each day make it difficult to be patient. Start consciously looking for simple ways to help other folks out with their daily activities.
Check out my Welcome to the Real World ebook with wisdom and advice for new grads, job-seekers, and yeah, pretty much anyone else.
I also watch entirely too much Saved by the Bell, run marathons, and drink plenty of craft beer. Almost no one has said to have x amount of dollars, or a car or any material things as their accomplishments.
May be your audience is in their younger age and they still have to achieve material things OR they simply don’t care about them. It would be great to run the same series after a year and see the differences in our greatest accomplishments.
I want enough money to life comfortably, start my own business someday, to retire fairly early, travel the world, you name it. Seeing your life from others’ eyes, especially kids, gives new meaning to your actions, responses, and words.
But the more we can dedicate to the RIGHT NOW, the more we’ll really be able to get out of life. Everyone usually answers the same, always talking about the future: grad school, be successful, and so on.
It’s hard, if not impossible, to do that with a piece of paper (resume) so it all comes down to how you respond during an interview. When we have to slow down for just about anything, a lot of folks get stressed out quickly. When you think about your greatest accomplishments,  think about where you are today, think about being alive, think about all the good in your life and the good you can bring to the world around you.

They might have educated themselves from various blogs, friends and social media networks that material things don’t matter in their lives that much.
I struggle with living in the moment, I think we all do, but it’s something I strive for. To me right now, my greatest accomplishment was hitting the restart button, moving to a place I really wanted to live in, packing up my car, no job, no apartment, knowing no one—and creating a life here. I remember trying to prepare for this question before interviews and having a difficult time not sounding awkward. It was a dream job interview, so I had a lot of pressure and a lot of competition, 130 people approx.
It’s easier said than done, especially in this day and age, during this economic job recession. Remove the temptation of having media in your face or in the background all day long by shutting off televisions, computers, and media players from time to time. Every one of these responses serve as reaffirmation that we are all inherently good people. But it would be good to see how our views towards life and accomplishments have changed with the time. In this case, the now tells us that money is necessary, that I HAVE to buy a latte on the way to work, that I HAVE to buy a new car – whatever the case may be.
Due to certain circumstances, I didn’t start off college too well academically, but after struggling freshman year, I worked my butt off. This can be attributed to the partying, drinking, new-found freedom, and general not-giving-a-damn. But I have faith that sooner (rather than later) I’ll be able to render an interviewer speechless with an insightful response like this. For now I just go with it and do my best, but somewhere down the line, I’ll employ my non-traditional thinking into the hiring process. Making a good amount of money is a result of hard-work, which is an accomplishment worth noting, but it’s clear to me that collectively, we are all striving for much more than having a lot of material things, and what surprises me is the unanimous selfless spirit that is apparent in the responses above. The ability to live in the moment without dwelling on the past is an amazing and admirable thing. Although some people enjoy slacking off senior year, I did the exact opposite, and it paid off.
As you (and everyone else knows) once your GPA is down, it takes forever to bring it back up. It’s our joint effort to help each other and lead everyone in our circle towards success and good life. I was finally inducted into the communications honor society, and I pulled my GPA up enough to graduate with honors. My last three years were spent busting my ass getting my GPA back up to a respectable level. I finally got a chance to do what I want to do, and I know that after this job a lot of doors will open.

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