Founded by a group of citizens determined to build an educational institution focused on the arts, teaching, and tropical studies, the University of Miami (commonly referred to as UM) was established in 1925 and is a private nonsectarian research university.Read MoreLocated just south of Miami in the city of Coral Gables, the University’s 260 acre main campus is marked by sprawling greens, towering palms, and scenic walkways connecting the academic facilities.
Miami is comprised of 12 colleges and graduate schools offering its 11,000 undergraduate and 5,500 graduate students access to a variety of nationally ranked programs; the School of Education and Development and The School of Law are among the best in the country. The Miami Hurricanes compete at the Division I level in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).
Miami University's Heritage Commons is the first residential hall in Ohio to receive a 2010 Energy Star from the U.S.
Breaking BAIT Diadora S8000 Kung Fu Panda Discussion: What’s Your Current Sneaker Rotation? As a diehard Hurricanes fan it pains me to inform you that early reports suggest the University of Miami has decided to drop Nike as a sponsor. BSO reports the University of Miami should announce their partnership with adidas as early as Thursday.

Learn your facts you ignorant shit head Kobe started out with Adidas the shoes once called the moon boots and the crazy 8’s.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by meeting the requirements in the categories of energy performance, thermal comfort, indoor air quality and lighting levels. The Energy Star label signifies that Heritage Commons performs in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency. As well as their pay out for the endorsement being much, much larger than what the U had with Nike.
Hmmmm Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, Kobe, Chris Paul, and that college player who snapped his leg in half. First Kanye gets pissed at Nike and signs to Adidas, then Adidas gets Nike’s top 3 designers right after, pharrell and pushaT drop Adidas collabs, Black Scale drops Adidas collab…now this? Seem like adidas has plenty of money to throw around and they aren’t afraid to spend it!
Take a look at how his signature shoes have changed in form and function over his storied career.

The boy from U of Louisville that had tthe compound fracture just ran into a freak accident. Stick with TSG as we update you with official details from the deal between adidas and the University of Miami. He just happened to be the only one that came down on his leg at that perfect angle for that injury to happen. To reduce unnecessary heating and cooling when apartments are unoccupied, temperatures are adjusted to 62 degrees in winter and 82 degrees in summer. This resulted in an 18.8 percent reduction in steam usage during the 2009 winter break compared to the same three-week time period in 2008 for Heritage Commons.

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