Andrea Ypsilanti (L), head of the Social Democraric Party (SPD) in the German state of Hesse arrives for a test vote for her candidacy as new governor of Hesse on September 30, 2008 in Wiesbaden, Germany. If you have been cheating on LiberalBias this week with lesser news outlets, you will have noticed that nobody in the liberal media has been reporting on the important issues.
For example, every news outlet has completely ignored the fact that the website has experienced glitches! He is forcing me to get a new insurance plan that covers emergency services and mental health. With the liberal machine exerting its iron-gripped control over the media, I can guarantee you that it will not ignore is October’s job numbers. Yet somehow, that resulted in 850,000 government employees being furloughed, which begs the question: Why do all these people work for the government instead of in real jobs that we’re allowing low-skilled illegal immigrants to work for under minimum wage?
4) Obama allowed the government to shut down temporarily as part of his secret plan to boost jobs and make it seem as though all of his other ridiculous policies, like Obamacare, are not a complete and utter failure. Now, just imagine what wonderful things would happen if he just went along with all of the other conservative principles, like creating a regressive tax code, defunding Medicare and Social Security, and banning gay marriage at the federal level! It would be a true New Utopia, making China look like a banana republic and the United States look like…. Dick Cheney’s heart transplant donor is a serial killer and now the world makes sense, doesn’t it? We write to encourage your colleagues to cosponsor and otherwise support your bill to create the Committee to Reduce Government Waste. The Committee to Reduce Government Waste is not a new idea—in fact, the committee existed first in the 77th Congress after it was proposed by Senator Harry F.
Created in 1941, the Committee was integral in dialing back some of the exponential New Deal growth in government. Your bill would create a Standing Committee that would focus solely on eliminating the redundancies and inefficiencies that add to the cost of government. The bickering over the past few months over a two percent cut in federal spending shows that fiscal restraint is hard to come by.

Thus, we urge support of your bill to create the Committee to Reduce Government Waste, and look forward to working with you in the 113th Congress to promote fiscal responsibility. The R Street Institute is a free market think tank advancing real solutions to complex public policy problems. We are only able to accomplish our mission through the generous support of people like you.
In June 2010 the leadership of CEASE held its annual retreat in Grass Valley and Sierra City, California, hosted by our CEASE West members.
West Coast CEASE members are a consistent presence at the California AEYC Center for Social Change. At the NVP retreat this winter, one of the new NVP members, Gaby Litsky, suggested that we use Greg Mortenson's book, Three Cups of Tea, as the focus for our approach to the Peace Area of the Center for Social Change.
Each year our local Northern California peace group, El Dorado County Peace and Justice Community, in Placerville, celebrates THE SEASON FOR NONVIOLENCE, commemorating the memorial anniversaries of Dr. As my contribution to this annual event, I exhibited a collection of my photographs of children from the United States, Mexico and Vietnam, at a local cafe.
For membership information and more on CEASE goals and activities go to our Contact Us page. Hesse has been in political turmoil since inconclusive elections at the beginning of this year. Not only that, but there has not been a single report about how Barack Hussein Obama lied about people being able to keep their insurance plans.
When I was 11 and I had a gnarly injury during a Little League game, an ambulance had to come and take me to the hospital.
This bill signals a serious step toward reforming federal spending and provides prudent lawmakers with an important tool to decrease the size of government.
After years of explosive government growth thanks to “stimulus” programs, bank bailouts and healthcare takeovers, American taxpayers could benefit greatly from a similar effort aimed at decreasing the burden of government. While several committees exist today that encourage and promote new spending, this Committee would have the unique responsibility of decreasing outlays and finding savings.

Institutional changes, such as implementing a committee focused only on cutting spending, is the only way to ensure lasting reform for taxpayers.
Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Cesar Chavez, with actions that promote and encourage us to consider our personal roles in creating peace through nonviolent means.
But in this case, the Democrat Party was also not trying to re-open the government, because they refused to go along with the Republican Party’s demands to defund Obamacare. Tasked with this singular goal, the Committee could pave the way for significant spending reform.
Both evening viewings were well attended and many reactions were expressed during the after-showing discussion.A  Several participants requestedA  information about how to obtain the DVD and how to arrange a viewing for their agencies, schools or meetings. Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC),, was featured and available during the month-long show and reception. Under Obamacare, ambulance services would have to be covered… which really just makes it less special.
Didn’t the Obama administration and economists warn that the “government shutdown” would hurt hirings and cause private enterprise billions, even though the only things that got shut down were veterans memorials and the socialist redistribution of wealth to kids with cancer?
Named after its creator, the “Byrd Committee” was tasked solely with cutting unnecessary and redundant federal programs and was able to enact real reform—the Committee netted over $38 billion in savings (in adjusted dollars) in its first few years of existence. Since the public viewings at the library, the film was shown to a High Scope group, a parenting group at a local charter school, a local AEYC affiliate meeting and with the Brave New Theater website, where film showings are listed. The campaign is actively working with our government representatives to ratify this treaty and work with all nations to make the rights of children a centerpiece in decision-making that affects the well-being of children.
One of the ways to improve the chances of a peaceful tomorrow is to ensure that the needs of all children are met.

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