Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is organizing the $1 Million Dollars a Year Forever competition and is giving away the chance to win lifetime payments for yourself PLUS, after that, leave a legacy for a loved one with the prize that pays out “Forever”!
One million dollars a year will be paid for life to the grand prize winner and thereafter to one other natural person designated by the winner.
If I would win the million, I would allow my Mom to retire because she works incredibly hard everysingle day at her job. The funny thing about money is that even if you have a lot, you can always do with some more! Upon receipt of your timely entry, a Prize Number will be assigned to you at Publishers Clearing House headquarters.

She clean houses and businesses and she just deserves so very much better than what she has. Winning a million dollars is possible in this game which provides plenty of different cash based symbols that will at least remind you of just how much money there is to win.
From piles of cash, dollar signs, diamonds, and even a man sleeping on his pillow full of money there is plenty to play for.
3 briefcases are required to get you into the bonus round where you pick the lucky briefcase to win the cash prize. Another valuable symbol is the millionaire logo scatter symbol that provides the possibility of the million dollar top prize.

This game does not have any wilds, and may lack the complexity of other video slots, but it is a more old fashioned slot style game.

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