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The year on year growth of e-commerce and shopping preferences of customers have proven beyond doubt that online shopping is here to stay.Selling online is no longer a question of choice.
In 2013 Americans squanderedA 169 million vacation days, and last year a whoppingA 42% of working Americans didna€™t take a single vacation day.
A studyA by Oxford Economics found that the economy would gain $160 billion in total business sales and $21 billion in tax revenues if American workers actually took all of their PTO. According to CNN, A taking a vacation a€?can increase performance by 80%.a€? Even crazier,A another studyA shows that a whopping 91% of senior business leaders totally know that their employees are less productive when they dona€™t take time off (and that time off boosts workplace morale, retains employees and has health benefits) a€” and yet, most of them dona€™t seem to encourage it either.
Mental fatigue is as real as physical fatigue, so just like you need to take a break after exercising, your brain needs regular breaks as well.

While you might think that working weekends and forfeiting vacation makes you look dedicated and will help you climb the career ladder faster, the opposite holds true.
A studyA found that men at risk for heart disease were 30% more likely to have a heart attack when skipping vacation for five years in a row than those who took a week off each year, but that even just skipping one vacation increased their risk. Women didna€™t fare much better.A A different studyA found that ladies who took days off only once every six years were almost eight times more likely to develop heart disease or have a heart attack than those who took two vacations a year. And ironically, working longer hours and more days doesna€™t make Americans any more efficient or productive.
If you want to grow and reach out to a larger customer base you need to take your business online. What this means for you, as an individual, is that you essentially said thanks but no thanks to $748.

The same Oxford Economics study reported that a whopping three quarters of workers surveyed said they felt recharged after a vacation, half that they felt more focused, and 41% that they were less stressed.
Apparently, employees who didna€™t use their vacation days A (those who leave more than 11 days unused, specifically) were 6.5% less likely to get a raise or bonusA than their holidaying colleagues.
This trendy buzzword A has steadily become a real a€” and common a€” issue, as men and women work longer hours and take fewer days in an effort to look dedicated.
In fact,A 40+ hour weeks diminish returns, which becomes apparent when looking at countries like Germany, who get more done in fewer hours.

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