Halloween is getting closer by the day – only three weeks remain until All Hallow’s Eve – meaning that the time to assemble the perfect costume for the evening is quickly dwindling away. Last week, Entertainment Buddha brought readers a handful of video game character inspired Halloween costumes in efforts to kick start a gaming costume revolution. Today, we have five more video game costumes that, with a little bit of elbow grease, could be managed to create an unforgettable Halloween costume. Nathan Drake, the venerable treasure hunter and one-liner expert, is a potentially great character to go as this Halloween. To complete the entire Drake package, grab your nearest belt and slap a big old brass buckle on it and drag your backpack out of storage.
One of the simplest designs for a very complex character, Vincent Brooks dealt with his relational anxiety in style. Hunting down Vincent’s signature pink t-shirt can be a hassle at this stage in the game, but luckily a few vendors seem to be selling their take on the shirt at a fair price. Once you have the clothing assembled, throw it on, grab a drink, and proceed to look weary as possible – you’ve got a lot of slacking off to catch up on. The neo-futuristic world of the BioShock games has inspired some great character designs, and Booker DeWitt is one of the best. Booker’s dark shirt is a simple purchase at virtually any men’s store, as is a simple version of his vest.

Grab yourself dark navy pants and a black belt and throw a decidedly manly red scarf around your neck and you’ll be a few steps away from pulling off Booker’s steampunked out wardrobe. This year’s three biggest video game characters make an easy target for a group of friends looking to get together for some Halloween candy heists. While a huge aspect of GTAV is the ability to outfit the characters in thousands of different articles of clothing, basing your costume off of the above character art is a simple task.
Michael’s red short sleeved button-up can be found in dozens of different men’s clothing stores, as well as his blue dress shorts.
One of video gaming’s greatest ‘everyman’ characters, pulling off Nathan’s look will probably be as simple as digging through your closet. Boots and a scarf tied around your neck bring the Drake look to near completion, all that’s left is achieving that perfect five o’clock shadow and mussing up your hair into the perfect Nathan Drake coif. Find yourself a beige jacket and some dark red pants and black shoes and you’ve already almost completed the look.
Booker’s refined, yet rugged, look fits perfectly with his character’s personality, and can be achieved with a little effort and an eye towards fashion. Nailing the collared look that Booker wears in-game might be a little more difficult, but those who are experts with stitching and sewing may be able to pull it off. Last but not least are the necessities of all great men: stubble and a bandaged wrist, just so people know how tough you are.

A light colored tank-top, olive cargo pants, and laced boots are the main components of her outfit and remarkably simple to get your hands on. Strap a duffle bag around your shoulder and you’re good to go – disgruntled look sold separately. A long-sleeve white shirt, worn under a blue work shirt, dark chinos, and some Timberland boots are all that you need to rep the mean streets of Los Santos. Lara accentuates her look with a green jeweled necklace, a bandage over her right arm, and a whole lot of dirt stains. Be it video games, movies, TV, geek art, or web gems; the EB squad has your best interests in mind. Dirtying them up a bit, and pulling off the Nathan Drake signature half-tuck is a necessity before showing off your costume to the world. To match the trailer park chic of Trevor simply wear the shirt and sweatpants each day from now until the 31st. Terrible tattoos, a balding head, and utter insanity are not required, but help complete the look.

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