Please, please, please, I cannot stress this enough – do not install the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin!
There are several great (and free!) ways to check the links on your WordPress site without slowing it down so much. It’s handy as you can export a list to work through at your leisure, and also view your broken links by frequency, look at the links by status or by page, and it works really nicely with WordPress sites.
It seems fairly quick to run and very comprehensive, and spits out a long list of all of the links on your site, and their status. Broken Link Check will check up to 3000 pages on your site for you, and then list all of the broken links that it finds, together with the url it found the link on, and it will even pop up a window highlighting where in the html source of the page it found the broken link. To be honest, fixing broken links on a blog with a lot of comments and links in the content is a lot of work, especially if you’re tackling the problem for the first time since you started your site. A lot of people don’t think it is worth the effort, but if you keep on top of things then I think your site seems better maintained and more relevant without too many broken links. Personally, I think that user experience is important – and also, visitors will not return to your site if it seems out of date and riddled with bad links, which will have a knock on effect on your popularity and eventually your ranking as well.
If you are thinking about changing your blog address, there are some important considerations to make. Firstly, no matter how well you do it, you are going to have to suffer a dip in things like Domain Authority, and other rankings, but they should recover relatively quickly as long as you do the right things. I’ve got a whole load of online tools and apps saved in my bookmarks, so I thought I would share a handful of my favourites here. This tool creates all the different types of favicon and website icons a modern website needs.
The author of Iconogen has also created a few other neat tools which you can find by clicking their names, top right on the Iconogen site.
I build almost all of my WordPress themes using Underscores, and you can end up with vastly different sites all beginning from this starter theme.
These are two brilliant sites by the same development team, that compress image files for use on the web, without any compromise on image quality. My third WordPress tool is this set of test data for designing and developing WordPress sites. This is a webfont comprised entirely of icons, that you can embed in your site and use whenever you need an icon.
At the start of the year, Redhead Babyled became what the Redhead said, and many hours of my time went into the name change and new design. I’ve been having fun doing media packs for various bloggers, with an introductory rate of ?40 for a media pack.

The fee includes three image exports of various sizes, and a pdf file – complete with links, and compressed for easy emailing. Although it’s an enjoyable job, it is taking a little longer per pack than I expected so the intro price will be going up to ?50 per pack when I get back from our holiday next week – not a huge increase but an increase nonetheless! These are all textured icons and you can use them as one colour sets or mix and match to your heart’s content!
I enjoy doing these jobs as they are great in between coding sessions, requiring less constant focus (and therefore do-able when the kids are around!). Media packs are brilliant for sending to brands and PRs who are interested in finding out more about your blog, or working with you.
As a starting point, Donna filled out my Web Design Preferences form and we had a chat about what she wanted from her new blog.
Donna sent me a family photo from a recent photoshoot that she wanted in her header, and we chatted about her favourite styles of fonts and websites.
I’ve tried to stick with the general colours of each service to make them easily recognisable, and used the standard logos too. Inside the downloadable zip file below you will find the 11 icons as 64 x 64 pixel .png files. I see so many recommendations that people install this but it can really slow a site down, it is a real resource hog and also adds a lot of bloat to your database. These are all external tools, meaning they work either on your computer or another website (so not on your host server). In my experience it is quick – although huge sites will still take some time, and it does also depend on your processing power etc. Linkrot is not a nice condition for a site and creates a bad user experience – people might not want to return to your site if things like product links in reviews are out of date. Broken internal links are definitely important as too many 404 errors can have a big effect on your Google ranking – but external links? It can be a big change to weather, especially when you are also rebranding your site dramatically. Some of these do very simple things, but they save so much time during the development process, or save me from remembering the exact way to do things. No longer do you just need a simple 16px ico file on your site, and with Iconogen you just upload an image and it outputs the code and files you need. It isn’t designed to be used as a parent theme, and is very SEO friendly out of the box.
Some of these are included in the Underscores theme files by default, but there are some nice extra bits in here too.

It will test your theme to the limit and try it’s best to break it, so you can make sure your theme is ready for all eventualities.
They have all of the most popular social networks and anything you might need for an ecommerce shop or business site.
In addition to redesigning Donna’s blog, I also created her new media pack to match her blog, and so when she needed new business cards I took on the task. I exported the design in the recommended file format with the advised settings, and popped them in a Dropbox folder for Donna.
Orders made before 23rd March 2015 will be charged at the ?40 rate, but after that I will be increasing the price. Each icons texture is different, and they are all png files with transparent backgrounds, so you can use them on any colour background and they should look great.
Following the inclusion of the media pack I created for Donna at the end of my previous blog post, I am now offering Media Pack design for bloggers.
I’ve already added a second pack to my portfolio, having had the pleasure of doing one for Clare over at Emmy’s Mummy. They include key info; an introduction to your blog, statistics, social media reach, and so on. I’m lucky enough to count Donna amongst my friends, and working with her on this project has been a real pleasure.
She wanted her new blog to be the next stage in her blogging journey; a grown up continuation of her parenting blog Redhead Babyled. I began to put together a design that had nods back to Redhead Babyled, while still feeling like something new. I’m sorry for taking an unexpected hiatus, and NOT reblogging any after romeo stuff, but I am making a come back pretty soon. Even though I don’t always practice what I preach, when I do find the time, I use Integrity. It often reduces the sort of images I work with by around 70%, which can really speed up a site. It saves you having to make and embed lots of teeny tiny icon image files all over the shop, and you can use css to change the colour of the icons really quickly and easily.
I think they should suit blogs with hand illustrated graphics like the fab designs Helen does.

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