At Unite 2014 this year in Seattle, Veli-Pekka Kokkonen, one of the 2D team gave a great talk on some best practices for using Unity for 2D games, go watch, there’s an awesome segment on character construction, watch below!
If you checked out the previous tutorial, the first in a series from Design a Game which focused on a pixel-based land called Teutoburg Forest. Cellusious makes some really important points in this informative sheet – that many pixel art tutorials aim to teach muscle memory and uniformity, whereas pixel art, like any other form should emphasise skill in design and drawing. As a big fan of the Rayman series of games, I took an interest in the UbiArt tool pipeline that Ubisoft have developed to make that series easy to iterate upon.
Thanks to the rather awesome Jamie Niman, if you want to try out these kinds of tools in Unity, you needn’t go apply for a job at Ubisoft. I know many people online prefer a written tutorial over video, so this is one for you guys.
This one is all written based, so if you want an alternative to the many video based tutorials, then its worth reading over. This video based tutorial begins to create a simple sprite based game with a Halloween theme, but don’t let that spook you, go check it out! Who's Who PublishingWho's Who Publishing highlights African-American throughout the nation in business, entertainment, politics and more.
A beautiful polygonal 2D masterpiece, this game is essentially a 1-flick mechanic in which you must spot the correct angle to flick the player object in order to make it land within the target – without surpassing a maximum number of collisions on the way.

And they are now¬†looking for your help to raise just $250 to purchase an Apple developer license, so they can ship their game on the iOS app store. Hat’s off to Christophe for creating this uniquely old and new game, check out the trailer and grab the game when its ready! Jenny LeClue is a super slick stylised choose your own adventure game that recently blew up on Kickstarter.
Unity Technologies have released a 2D pack to help Unity users learn various types of 2D games.
In part 2, the tutorial takes things a step further, adding Javelins and audio into the mix.
Puppet 2D is his creation, giving you the ability to rig your 2D sprite characters for flexible animation. With assets to download, and detailed step by step instructions, these guys have done a great job with this tutorial. The pack comes complete with more than 50 stylized pixel art assets as well as controllers and parallax scripts to create awesome stylised retro games.
Short of creating a 2D system using a custom orthographic camera, and your own sprite renderer, it makes more sense to stick with Unity’s 2D workflow. Combine this with a great minimal soundtrack and awesomely tactile sound design throughout, and you’ve got a fantastic little game on your hands.

Smashing past their goal quickly and eventually reaching over $100k, this game has all the hallmarks of a surefire winner. With a selection of sprites and sample games, you’ll find Angry birds, Flappy bird, a catch game and a space shooter. Ray Wenderlich’s site features a tutorial from Christopher LaPollo that covers a lot of the new 2D features. It’s been in development a short time, and is already gaining a lot of support and traction on the Asset Store and Unity forums. It got fully funded on Kickstarter and now production is rolling, headed for PS4 and Steam.
Take a look at the promo video below and then visit the Battle Brothers site below for more information.

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