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I definitely say Hell Yeah, but I am constantly surprised by the number of times I hear people comment that they would be bored if they did not have their job. I think when you have a passion, something you love doing every spare moment that you get, then this question is easy to answer. So if I won a million, I could easily continue my blogging and travel the world at the same time. Believe it or not, it would depend on if this hypothetical win of $1M dollars was before or after taxes.
Before or after, I’d still find a way to invest it so I could quit my job and have the money work for me. Sorry it took awhile to get back to the site, but unless you know of an investment that returns 10% (consistently)… You would be earning less than $50,000 per year. Further if your expenses are more than any of the above amounts per year, you will draw down your principle and earn even less! I think that is the key, and a lot of people know they would still need to busy so they equate work with that rathar than thinking of ways to apply it to their passions and the things that make them happy.
Abundance terminology is now popular in many circles, regardless of a person’s spiritual belief system. Before I go on, let me clarify that you can win the lottery, feel abundant, and actually have it amplify your life in many positive ways. In fact, research has shown that the only time that money ever increases happiness is just when we get past the point of survival—when our basic needs go from having not been met to being met. When we are stressed out and not sure that you we be able to pay our rent, bills, or put food on the table, then our energy is focused on survival and survival can only create a certain amount of happiness. Afterwards, I sat and watched people gambling (I don’t gamble) and was intrigued how people would spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on one hand that lasted only a couple minutes, all for the thrill of the chance to become more abundant.

She looked at me with a look of pride and gratitude and said her company pays her four dollars an hour. I am not saying that either perspective is right or wrong, but I am presenting a case for the belief that abundance does not come from just a monetary perspective—abundance is relative and it depends on how we define it. Remember, true freedom is knowing that even if your exterior world falls apart you can still find your inner peace. The majority of people have spent so long doing their job that they feel meaningless without it and would wander around aimlessly searching for something to do.
Volunteering is also a great thing you can do that will bring your meaning and satisfaction. I would use that money to fund my passion: either a career in writing or the chance to take a risk and open a cafe or restaurant! If yes, did you know that winning the lottery actually raises your likelihood of suffering from depression and even increases your chances of suicide?
So, when we are able to get past this financial desperation point it makes a huge difference in our happiness level, but any financial gain after that point doesn’t have a large impact on how happy we truly are.  Don’t get me wrong, we can be happy living in a cardboard box and eating scraps left by others if we can feel gratitude and abundance from life’s small blessings. I had an opportunity to go to a conference for heart-centered businesses in Las Vegas, and at that conference the speaker offered her coaching services for $100,000 a year.
As I walked outside and reflected on my experience, which I tend to do, I came across a lady who was handing flyers out. She followed it by saying that it was not much, but she appreciated the opportunity to be able to buy food for her kids. I turned around and I exchanged “green energy,” or what we like to call money, for her wisdom. From an early age, Joeel faced adversity, including immigrating to the United States, failing his freshman year of college, losing his brother, and being in a nearly fatal car accident.
In fact, many countries that have less than the top industrialized nations rank higher on happiness scales. Her price was mind-boggling, but the most amazing thing was how many people ran to the back of the room to sign the contracts to pay that amount, all so that she could try to help them create abundance.

I could clearly see that she was not comfortable with the content of the flyer, so I started to talk to her about her experience.
As she took it we both looked at each other, without exchanging words, and just smiled with a deep knowing.
These experiences inspired him to return to college, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Education and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. The first thing that most people associate with abundance is money and having a lot of it.
You see my exchange of green energy was not out of pity but out of gratitude for the teacher that she had been in my life. Without already being happy and in a positive energetic state, you’re not likely to receive money, and if you do you’re not likely to enjoy it much.
As I talked to her it was clear that while she may not necessarily love what she does, overall she had a great, positive attitude about it. I had just been to a conference where people were willing to pay $100,000 to become abundant, without realizing that they already were!
Joeel opened a non-profit teen center in honor of his brother and developed curriculums for the Juvenile Justice System. At the same time, those gamblers were spending thousands of dollars in hopes to becoming abundant without realizing that they were already abundant, too.  What they spent in 10 minutes was what the lady handing out flyers made in one month, or several months. Joeel is now taking a select number of Life, Relationship, and Entrepreneurship Coaching clients. In almost a decade, Joeel has reached over ten thousand people as an educator, entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant.
The difference was that she was actually more grateful for what she had than they were because she focused on what she DID have.

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