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Will Schwalbe kicked off a six-city promotional tour of his new book in Manhattan at Barnes and Noble. His inspiring personal journey (with a first printing of 100,000 by Knopf ) was featured this past Mother's Day on the Opinion page of the New York Times.
Good Housekeeping is publishing an excerpt in their December issue, on stands in mid-November.
Later on, in her mid-fifties, her life took a different course and Schwalbe devoted herself to needs of women and children refugees, as founding director of the Women's Refugee Commission. Longtime fans of Christopher Isherwood, Will and his mother re-read The Berlin Stories and Christopher and His Kind. Joan Didion, John Gregory Dunne, and their daughter Quintana Roo photographed by Jill Krementz at their home in Los Angeles on January 10, 1982.
They had both read Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking when it first came out but Will and his mother read it again. It was after reading Didion that Will realized he could share by "talking about anything his mother wanted to discuss, or by sitting quietly with her reading.
Anne Lamott photographed in her backyard in Fairfax, California by Jill Krementz on October 12, 1997. Following Will's talk and a brief Q&A period, copies of the just published The End of Life Book Club were on sale.
Edwin Tucker has been the events manager of the 86th street Barnes and Noble store for three years.

And now that you've read some of the excerpts from the book you can see why that table was empty in a matter of minutes. Also on sale were a good selection of books that had been among the favorites of the book club: Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk, Man Gone Down by Michael Thomas, Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner, Brooklyn by Colm Toibin, Gilead by Marilynne Robinson, and People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks.
I can think of no better gift than to combine these titles, or others, with Will's book for those wanting to start their own book clubs. One of the real pleasures of Will's book, besides re-reading excerpts from the books you've loved, is earmarking the pages describing the books you want to run out and buy. Greer is my next-door neighbor; her mother, Gretchen Young, was a former colleague of Will's at Hyperion Books. Mark worked with Will on several of the David Halberstam books published at Hyperion when Schwalbe was the editor-in-chief at the publishing house. She is responsible for the planning, redevelopment, and on-going operation of the 150 acres of the Island owned by The Trust. Special thanks to Sean Yule, Domestic Rights Director at Knopf, for sending me an Advance Reader's Edition of Will Schwalbe's The End of Your Life Book Club this past April, thinking I would love it. Last week at Christofle's Madison Avenue showroom in New York City, more than 50 designers and industry guests gathered for the reveal of the limited-edition Gold Box by Christofle for wine and spirits brand Krug. Embossed with a fingerprint that symbolizes the history of Krug, the Gold Box is home to a Grande Cuvee bottle of champange, and once the champagne is removed, it becomes a candle holder. I urge you to buy at least two copies — one for yourself and one as a gift for someone you love. Schwalbe's company, Schwalbe and Partners, represents concert artists, conductors, singers, and musicians.

It's a memoir about Didion's life after the sudden death of her husband – and about their daughter Quintana Roo who would later die of pancreatitis. Seroy is SVP of marketing and publicity at Farrar, Straus & Giroux where he has worked forever. Notable attendees included interior designer David Cheng and product designers Juan Carlos Rodado and Ivonne Rodado.
Dixon had returned recently from Bolivia as part of a trip around the world to places including Borneo. It also brought her many times to Afghanistan, including to the tribal regions, where she was shot at as she was being driven through a particularly remote area.
That books in whatever form – electronic, even though that wasn't for her, or printed, or audio – are how we know what we need to do in life and the world. My brother and sister and father and I all took turns accompanying mom to her various appointments.
Right away, we realized that we'd formed a very peculiar little book club – one with only two members – a mother and a son.

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