We have 4 pairs of tickets to give away in our competition to win tickets to Gardening Scotland,  3 – 5 June 2016.
Fill in the form below to enter into our competition which closes at Monday 30th  May at 5pm and the winners will be notified by email. Alternate tasks – Switch from heavy tasks to light ones, and change your hands and positions frequently. Get low when planting – Knee pads or a kneeling mat can help to ease the strain on your back while you plant and weed your garden. Rake Right – Put one leg in front and another behind when you rake, and alternate on occasion to minimize the back strain. I enjoy reading different blogs but this one always captures my attention as I am a Mother of 5 and can relate to Sheri’s stories. As I have an injured back I try to maintain perfect posture and change position frequently. I try and not sit or stand to long as i’m a disability for my back ?? i can’t do to much in a line of a day !

To maintain good back health throughout the day, I frequently get up from my computer desk to stretch, get a glass of water or do some other task that allows me to move around and change position.
I try to lift with my legs not my back, but I have a bad back so its normally sore all the time anyways. Tried putting tape on my two shoulder blades so I would notice, that lasted all of two second. I started exercising in the morning and I take a advil muscle and back pill because I do have some ripped muscles from a trainer overdoing it. I do a lot of lifting at work, so ensuring that I am lifting properly and grabbing items from a higher level correctly are very important. Stretching and getting up and walk around so that I’m not sitting for too long of a period. Stand up from the desk periodically and walk around for a minute so back doesn’t get stiff. I do stretches at my desk every 2 hour, I go to the printer a few times a day and go outside during my break and walk in the parking lot.

Proper stretching, regular breaks, and making a point to not carry more I can handle or over-extend myself. I bend at the knees before picking up items…I need to do more to protect my back for sure! Here are some tips from the Ontario Chiropractic Association on how to deal with that back pain. Follow the Ontario Chiropractic Association on Facebook to enter a separate contest for a chance to win more prizes, including a trip for two to a weekend spa getaway! I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, so I have a good ergonomic chair and give myself frequent breaks to get up and stretch. The only and I mean Only downfall to having a large family is not treating yourself once in a while!

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