SML looked at work zones in five locations in four states of Colorado, Ohio, Arkansas, and Texas. SMLa€™s report concludes that work zone speed limits must be set at or near the 85th percentile of existing driver speeds in work zones to be effective. SML Teaches At Sheppard Air Force Base-SML was contracted to teach the NHTSA recommended i??curriculum at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX in March of 2011. Expert Witness Contract Extended-In early January 2011, SML received a contract extension through 2012 from the United States Department of Justice in providing them with a€?expert witnessa€? testimony in continuing cases as prosecuted by USDOJ.
Illinois Restricts Cell Phone Use in Work Zones-Withi?? cell phone and texting becoming the #3 cause of accidents and injuries on the nationa€™s highways, Traffic Safety Facts, states and local jurisdictions are mandating by law increased restrictions on cell phone and texting. SML Announces Annual Test Dates-SML will be conducting its Annual Test scheduled for 24-26 June 2011 in El Paso, TX.
SML Work Zone Study Published-The Police Journal in their spring 2011 issue published SMLa€™s two year research project, Enforcing City County, and State Work Zone Speed Limits. SML looked at work zones in five locations in four states of Colorado, Ohio, Arkansas, and Texas.A  All of these work zones had varying work zone speed limits compared to normal non-work zone designations. SML Teaches At Sheppard Air Force Base-SML was contracted to teach the NHTSA recommended curriculum at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX in March of 2011.
The scope, content, and level of detail of a TMP should vary based on the agency's work zone policy and the anticipated work zone impacts of the project. Simply stated, a significant project is a project that the agency expects will cause a relatively high level of disruption.
If a TMP is several different documents or plans, they should still be coordinated and compiled so that the strategies work together to manage the impacts. All Interstate system projects within the boundaries of a designated Transportation Management Area (TMA) that occupy a location for more than three days with either intermittent or continuous lane closures shall be considered as significant projects. Although a full TMP document is not developed until design, conducting some TMP analyses during systems planning and preliminary engineering will help ensure that the TMP development and implementation costs are included in the project budget. Another strategy available in the earlier stages of project development is to consider work zone impacts in the evaluation and selection of design alternatives.
These broader strategies cross various disciplines and highlight the need for a multidisciplinary approach.
Of Course: Through Value Engineering or Pre-Construction meeting, changes in the project plans could occur that mean adjustments to the TMP are needed. This a general TMP development process diagram that may be used as a starting point for agencies to consider when developing TMP procedures and TMPs for specific projects. Design-level work zone impacts assessment may include consideration of corridor and network level impacts, coordination with other projects, addressing work zone impacts issues in conjunction with the project design and construction approaches, work zone transportation management, and development of TMPs. Quantitative Analysis during Design can help determine and design the specific aspects of the management strategies. Example: Early WZ impacts analysis done during preliminary engineering using a sketch-planning tool may indicate that traffic diversion to the designated alternate route for the project would be significant, leading to a preliminary decision to upgrade and re-time the traffic signals on the alternate route. In design a more detailed analysis using a micro-simulation tool is conducted to estimate actual diversion patterns, the volume of traffic expected to divert to the alternate, and the intersections that would be affected. From this analysis, the design options can be narrowed to two options: the series of 8 72-hour weekday closures, and the option for completely closing one side of the roadbed at a time to do the work. The results of this planning study are useful for transportation agencies in developing highway rehabilitation strategies that balance the maximization of construction productivity with a minimization of traffic delay.
In Caltrans District 7, on the I-10 Long-Life Pavement Project, the TMP helped reduce traffic demand by an estimated 57 percent, queue lengths to 2 miles from the originally projected 44 miles, and projected delays from an estimated 1,000,000 to 16,000 total vehicle hours of delay. Has the agency established a policy for the development of TMPs to reduce WZ congestion and crashes?
The next few slides provide some examples of what various state agencies are doing with regard to TMP development.
Traffic plans may or may not be built into project specifications and be a part of the bid process. In districts where Project Design and Transportation Management Planning are under the same Senior, traffic plans are conceptually developed during the design process, and there may be up to 20 traffic related meetings before a bid.
Prepare Initial TMP: Since the TMP assumes all participants in planning and implementation are aware of rules contained in the federal MUTCD and California Supplement, it can use shorthand statements and assume, for example, that only approved lane delineation devices will be used in only an approved manner. Funding: The Transportation Management Plan for a project becomes part of the Programming Document for the project. Review and modification of construction alternatives and traffic plans occur before and during the course of minor and major projects, often on a daily basis. Monitoring a project is particularly important, for many reasons – traffic data is often stale, closures may be sloppy or non-conforming, and enforcement strategies may need to be modified for unanticipated events.
It is at this stage that cooperation among all involved becomes important, and safety and cost considerations get hammered out in daily actions. Often the Evaluation Statements exceed the TMP in length and scope, because in any process this complex, the ability to learn over time and adapt to situational variables is crucial to improving the process. Caltrans TMPs are categorized into three types based on project characteristics and projected delay: Blanket TMP, Minor TMP, and Major TMP.
The TMP Database is meant to be used at the very beginning of WZ planning to choose the most effective methods from the start, with re-evaluation occurring in the design stage. Missouri DOT has developed a Transportation Management Plan (TMP) Strategy Database to aid in the selection of work zone management strategies and development of TMPs for its road projects in a more systematic way. The TMP Strategy Database is an Access database that returns possible appropriate work zone management strategies based on user inputs. The database is organized around four major triggers (project goals) focusing on time concerns, public impact, location, and traffic flow. MoDOT said it intends to use the TMP Database at the very beginning of work zone planning in order to choose the most effective methods from the start, with re-evaluation occurring in the design stage. The database was developed by the Work Zone Quality Circle, MoDOT's work zone management task force, and is based on the work zone management strategies matrix found in the FHWA-developed guide entitled Developing and Implementing Transportation Management Plans for Work Zones Guidebook. The Virginia DOT has developed a document outlining TMP development requirements for all projects.
The slide shows one of VDOT's TMPs, developed for a major Interstate interchange project on the Capital Beltway. The VDOT TMP Requirements include guidelines to be used by Project Managers, Roadway Designers, Traffic Engineers, Work Zone Safety Coordinators and Public Affairs Managers pertaining to acquiring the information to develop TMPs. Designers are involved in the preliminary field inspection, public hearing meeting, field inspection meeting, and pre-advertisement conference. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) includes a sample TMP in its Traffic Engineering Manual. Wisconsin Department of Transportation has published guidance on development for Work Zone Transportation Management Plans. The process is related to the type of project and requires different levels of effort but it may change and be refined with collective experience.
Performing Work Zone Impacts analyses early and later in the process is critical to TMP development.
These elements together form the Wisconsin TMP, and are either all developed as one document or can be separate documents compiled together. WiscDOT and the FHWA Wisconsin Division have developed a one-day course on Wisconsin's TMP Development Process and conducted TMP training in Wisconsin.
The TMP will be an ongoing process from the scoping process through the construction process.

The district shall take the lead and develop a TMP team consisting of members from Planning and Programming Division, Maintenance and Engineering Services Division, Construction Services Division, Design Division, District, FHWA, local municipality, and others as necessary. TMP will consist of a TTC plan and consideration should be given to a TO component and a PI component. Some state transportation agencies have developed lane closure policies, or strategies, that they use as guidance in determining daily permitted lane closure times.
Permitted lane closure times define what times of the day, week, or season a lane closure is allowed on a facility and at a specific location or segment.
Look up SH 121 in the left-most column and locate MP 22.0 between 84th Avenue and 100th Avenue. A number of these tips come from Caltrans, based on their years of experience with TMPs, and from a few other DOTs we also spoke do while developing our FHWA TMP Guide.
Cost is often a constraint to what strategies are included in a given TMP, particularly for major TMPs. Basecamp is often at the top of lists when it comes to a web-based, collaborative project management tool.
I recently heard about WorkZone, which is supposed to offer a bit more flexibility, and I thought I’d give it a try. Admins will be spending a bit of time in “Setup,” but most team members will be doing most of their work from the “Project Tracker” tab.
As you can see, they can easily switch views to see a list of tasks everybody’s working on, see it as a Gantt chart, see a list of products, or look at any recent activity that the team has been up to. This interface makes it clear when new comments are in the system, and makes it simple to add comments to tasks, projects, and documents whenever it makes sense.
You’ll also see a blue “email” button on almost every screen that you can use to keep in touch. Some might complain that this interface is a bit stripped down, but I actually like it that way. This screen also directs users straight to any documents they need, and project or task information. This reports area is one of the features that some other platforms out there could really use, but that they have neglected for fear of cluttering their interface. The most useful feature here is the “To-do list” which your team members can use to see what they have ahead of them. Reports like these are what make WorkZone especially helpful when you’re dealing with a large number of people and projects, where it starts to get difficult to determine who is doing what and when. All in all, I would say WorkZone is most suitable for entrepreneurs and managers who want something relatively simple, but who are looking for a few more capabilities than other collaborative platforms that have stripped down their interfaces. Task dependencies – WorkZone allows you to schedule tasks so that if deadlines don’t get met, subsequent tasks get pushed forward. Subtasks – While management should never go crazy with subtasks, the inability to create them is a design flaw for many of us in management. Cross-Project Views – The Task List may be simple, but it doesn’t limit your view to a single project at a time. Time-Tracking – WorkZone makes it relatively easy to see where time is being used, and by who, so that you can allocate resources accordingly.
Putting it all together, I wouldn’t necessarily make the controversial claim that WorkZone is better than Basecamp — but I would say that it’s a better choice for entrepreneurs and managers who are dealing with something fairly complicated, but who still want a simple, collaborative interface in their project management tool.
I do like the stripped down interface and the ability to annotate on images and PDFs right from within WorkZone is a big plus. I have been using Workzone for a year now and it is the most robust and easy-to-use project management tool I have encountered, and it’s fairly priced.
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Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need.
The research also reported the findings of the Institute of Transportation Engineers as they found in their research, Environmental, Driver, and Vehicle Risk Analysis for Freeway Work Zone Crashes a 26% increase in work zone crashes can be expected in work zones in Florida. Unique to the instruction, was the use by all officers of their new laser guns and radar guns.
Several law enforcementi?? agencies will be operating old and new radar and laser systems against new introductions from the radar detection industry.
Many state legislatures are considering state-wide bans on cell phone use while driving while others have restricted texting while driving upon different age groups.A  SML is under contract with Texas State University as a Traffic Safety Consultant assisting the University with various grants targeting the compliance with cell phone restrictions within the state of Texas.
Several law enforcement agencies will be operating old and new radar and laser systems against new introductions from the radar detection industry. At this early stage, more alternatives for addressing work zone impacts are available, so a broader range of strategies can be chosen. For some projects it may be possible to choose a design alternative that alleviates many work zone impacts. The example process in this figure shows three types of TMPs (Basic, Intermediate, and Major).
This analysis may then be used to identify the number of traffic signals that need to be upgraded and the exact nature of the upgrades, and to develop the signal timing plans and estimate the costs. The integrated analysis concluded that the one-roadbed continuous closures were the most economical scenario when compared to traditional nighttime or weekend closures from the perspective of schedule, delay, and costs.
If they are built in, money for contingencies are a part of the bid; otherwise, money is set-aside and contingencies later cause change orders. In other districts, traffic plans are conceptually developed later in the process, and the traffic meetings begin after the bidding process. The first decision, made by Traffic Planning staff, is the type of TMP that will be required: blanket, minor, or major. If bidding has already occurred, a Contractor representative is also named; otherwise the Contractor representative joins later. It includes a work description, lists the work areas, and provides available information about traffic patterns and levels. Since a TMP can easily cost several million dollars on a major project, it is a major element either in a bid or in negotiations after a bid. Usually the two interact, as when unexpected traffic volumes make night work necessary or weather changes cure times or any of many other situational variables change. Some daily realities are understood, but not formally voiced, as when a Field Engineer can save a Contractor many thousands of dollars on a particular day by extending a closure an hour or so. This slide lists the types of conditions and possible strategies for each of these three TMP categories. The strategies are accompanied by additional pertinent information, such as whether increased enforcement or public information is needed. Construction personnel will also be able to use the program to find a solution if concerns arise while the work zone is in operation. This document provides guidelines to be used by Project Managers, Roadway Designers, Traffic Engineers, Work Zone Safety Coordinators, and Public Affairs Managers pertaining to acquiring the information to develop TMPs. This TMP was created for a project on a rural interstate highway with low traffic impacts and was drafted using information that is readily available from other sources. Pavement Management and Scoping Section will suggest alternate routes and additional studies required for the TMP.
The TMP team shall review the Work Zone Assessment and Management Procedures, Chapter 1 in regards to goals and recommendations to implement in the TMP.

If the non-significant project is a reconstruction project, the project designer, Design Division and the District will develop the TMP strategies. While the CDOT methodology used to analyze the roads to determine lane closure impacts is applied uniformly across all regions, the criteria and policies for closing lanes are region specific. I’ve always loved its simplicity and the fact that little to zero training in the actual software is necessary in order to get things moving.
They will land on that page as soon as they log in, and it’s delightfully simple to look at.
Users receive email updates when comments are added to ensure that the messages don’t get missed.
If you set it up as an admin, the users will also get automatic email alerts about upcoming tasks and more. It removes the clutter of social networks and focusses on the two most important things: who is talking and what they are talking about. If I had one complaint with WorkZone, it would be that the sidebar looks a bit more intimidating than it actually is. This is the same information they’re getting from the task list, but meant specifically for them. There are some tasks that you just can’t plan properly without breaking up into smaller goals.
Software built with a single-project focus is really only useful for startups, and isn’t always the best choice for a business, even a small one, that has multiple projects to work on at a time. It’s no substitute for a time tracker app like Toggl, but it’s nice to have time tracking fully integrated with your project management software. He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.
Of special interest this year will be the evaluation of the new GPS system combo unit introduced by Escort Inc. The research also reported the findings of the Institute of Transportation Engineers as they found in their research, Environmental, Driver, and Vehicle Risk Analysis for Freeway Work Zone Crashes a 26% increase in work zone crashes can be expected in work zones in Florida.A  SMLa€™s research also found in California, California Research Project No.
Among the sample only 3 vehicles were at or below the speed limit of the 992 assessed vehicles.A  The best performance came from Arkansas where 147 vehicles of the sample size of 996 vehicles were traveling at the posted 60 mph interstate work zone speed limit.
Officers reviewed court cases where departments had not re-certified equipment, had no training, and did not follow the manufacturer specified set up procedures for radar and laser systems. Of special interest this year will be the evaluation of the new GPS system combo unit introduced by Escort Inc.A  The Escort iQ is a standard GPS system allowing drivers to mark dangerous locations such as school zones, work zones, or other locations presenting dangerous conditions.
Early TMP development will also help with scheduling and coordinating projects to minimize the cumulative work zone impacts of multiple projects along a corridor or in a region.
Agencies may elect to develop a different number of categories of TMPs than what is described here. The pre-construction was validated with as-built construction and traffic performances monitored during construction. In either case, traffic plans depend upon specifications and specifications depend upon traffic plans and both are subject to unforeseen events. It outlines usage of traffic management strategies and how contingencies are to be handled. Others considerations are formal, as when a Contractor proposes saving months on a job by changing the TMP to allow weekend full closures. A Blanket TMP is a standard set of actions taken to minimize delay when performing maintenance activities or projects.
It also contains guidance on each Project Team member's role and responsibilities in the development of TMPs, and guidance to Project Managers on VDOT's TMP requirements based on the project's level of complexity. Once a project has been incorporated into the STIP a milestone activity will be used to identify when the TMP team will need to begin, which in general will be before the environmental document. The TMP team shall address the TMP strategies and identify general concepts to be identified in the Environmental Document.
Projects other than reconstruction projects, project designer will consult with Design Division and the District. For example, daytime lane closures are prohibited in the Denver Metro area, while they are allowed on the more rural sections of I-25.
While the learning curve is a bit steeper than Basecamp’s for administrators, the additional features are worth it. These reports give you all the same information that you can find in the Task List, but make it easy to sift through the information to find something specific.
But the solution is pretty robust and for those who need a more powerful system, it is worth considering. 991438, a study of thirty-six California work zones produced an increase in injury and fatality crashes of 21.5%. In Arkansas the normal speed limit was 70 mph compared to Texas at 60 mph.A  The total sample size of all assessed vehicles was 4,413 vehicles.
In some of these instances, the citations given were dismissed by several courts.A  A historical review was given as to the necessity of conducting daily tests for accuracy of both radar and laser guns citing Aguilera v.
The iQ GPS features an Over Speed Alert notifying drivers if they are over the posted speed limit.A  The iQ also features preloaded locations of red light cameras nationally. This includes examining the adequacy of detour or alternate routes and coordinating with the agencies responsible for those routes. Which means that flexibility in the event is mandatory, and there must be some concept of strategy and estimate of cost, including provisions for contingencies, from the beginning. The TMP will address level and strategies prior to and shall be identified in the Environmental Document.
Better still,   admins get the ability to shut off features they don’t want to use, keeping the learning curve as short as possible for team members. Further, the Ohio Department of Transportation in their report: Work Zone Process In Terms of New Federal Work Zone Regulation-Historical Analysis, reported a 33% increase in accidents in thirteen measured work zones in a before work zone designation and after placement of a work zone designation at the same location. It is clear from this research and others that the closer the posted speed limit is to the actual speed of vehicles traveling, the higher the compliance rate.A  Considerable time was spent in consideration of placement of permanent or mobile mounted speed feedback displays in work zones to control speeding.
Florida, 1979 as a national benchmark case in the development of national standards for performance of both radar and laser speed assessment systems.
Major TMPs are implemented for projects where significant traffic impacts are anticipated and multiple TMP strategies are required to manage impacts. Among the sample only 3 vehicles were at or below the spei??ed limit of the 992 assessed vehicles. Hall and Lorenz as published in Road Management And Engineering, related a 33% in New Mexico interstate accidents among the same locations before and after work zone designation.
A thorough discussion was given into various state attempts to dissuade drivers from exceeding posted work zone speed limits including large fines and potential jail time for offenders. Increasingly, SML is receiving requests from varying governmental agencies regarding conducting Master Instructor Radar and Laser Instructor courses at their locations. SML expects radar and laser gun manufacturer representatives to be present as with previous years.
In a report from the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A & M University,A  Summary Report 0-47045, the report lamented that a€?Double Finea€? law had little or no effect on drivera€™s speed in work zones.

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