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Einstein once said that if he had 60 minutes to solve a problem, he'd spend the first 55 thinking about the problem, and the next 5 solving it.
This course is designed for entry-level workers looking to quickly start a career in the nursing field. This course is designed for individuals with one year of experience in health care compliance, or those looking to learn more about new health care compliance regulations. The target audience for this course includes individuals that are in lower-level management or are new to management.
This course is designed for IT professionals with a PC support background, looking to become IT network practitioners.
The target audience for this course includes students who are new to management or who have not had experience with finance in their current managerial positions. The target audience for this course includes individuals that are in lower-level management or are new to management.

This course is designed for students who are new to health care but want to work in a hospital setting. The target audience for this course includes anyone who works in a health care setting where individual medical records are generated, kept, or stored.
The target audience for this course includes medical professionals who are already coding and need to upgrade to the new system. This course is designed for students seeking entry into health care jobs and incumbent workers planning for advancement. Is your boss treating you unfairly or blaming you for a failure that is beyond your control?
Effective communication skills can be your ace card to objection handling, building solid relationships and clear the smoke raising around day to day tasks. While speaking to others – whether they are your colleagues, your clients or your boss, be clear and precise. Maintaining a positive attitude is not always easy, but that’s exactly what differentiates between losers and leaders.
Brilliant ideas go nowhere unless your people are aligned, collaborative, and team-oriented.
EMTs, medical office assistants) who need to understand how drugs are prepared and delivered. Regardless of your job role and your experience, the workplace can be a highly stressful environment. It’s about actually taking others words into consideration and trying to understanding their point.

Making notes of your speech is a good idea as it allows you to stay to the point and be meaningful at the same time. Anger and bitterness are negative emotions and they always lead to misunderstandings and confrontations at work.
Business relations, especially those between managers and team, are often rocky due to poor communication.
It helps you better understand the situation that you are in and reflect on possible solutions or ideas that you can offer accordingly. You don’t have to be everybody’s yes man, but putting yourself in others’ shoes is a good way to improve your communication skills. Similarly if you are so impatient to get your point across the board, you are most likely to lose it.
Support your arguments with proper background information and leave yourself open for suggestions and corrections.
When someone is speaking, focus on their face, look for the body gestures and speech pauses and if necessary, takes notes as well. With this flexibility and openness, you will learn to understand peoples’ views and their stance on certain issues.

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