I’ve been teaching and making art for many years but never been involved in something quite like this! I really hope you’ll pick up your brushes, stamps and crafting tools to have a go yourself. I recently completed a series of 20 still life pencil drawings and chose this one of the hen for this challenge (this is the New in ON&DT). Whether you want to become a famous novelist or just make your way through College English, these free online writing courses and journalism courses can help. NewsU (Poynter) – This highly-respected journalism organization offers quite a few free online courses in addition to their paid options.
With communication flowing at such a rapid rate, the need for power-packed writing is at an all time high. Fred Johnston "These courses are specifically designed to cater for anyone interested in creative writing, but who may not have a great deal of opportunity to attend such courses in the evenings," says poet and critic Fred Johnston. The courses will cover both poetry and prose and will include reading of various authors' works also.
Joy of Garbage at Santa Clara University tells you everything about the consequences of waste. The Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur at the University of Washington is a real course in which you might get a credit, no matter whether you love the works of this singer or not.
Daytime Serials at the University of Wisconsin might be popular among housewives, but it’s often chosen by students as well. Writing for Video Games and Emerging Media at Ithaca College teaches new syntax which is really valuable for modern users. Soviet Visual Propaganda at Rhode Island School of Design tells about how designs can manipulate public consciousness.
Learning from Youtube at Pitzer College shows everyone that Youtube channel isn’t only about funny cat videos. Fat Studies at George Washington University teaches weight awareness and acceptance which are critical in the times of distorted by the media body shape perceptions. The Good Life on a Dollar a Day at Alfred University may seem a bit ironic, taking into account the tuition at this institution.

As you can see, some college courses are original or even extravagant and some of them would keep you awake until you get that credit.
Explore your creativity and develop your work with other writers and two expert tutors next summer in a tranquil setting.
Casa Ana is a 400 year old house in the village of Ferreirola in the Alpujarras, Andalusia near Granada.
Why not combine a creative writing workshop or one-to-one tutorials with exploring Andalusia. We offer regular fortnightly workshops and occasional short courses in Gaucin, a picturesque small town with a history dating back to pre-Roman times and views over the Serrania de Ronda to the Rock of Gibraltar and the Rif Mountains of  Morocco. Grown up writers in the Malaga region can kick-start their creativity and develop work in progress with fun activities and professional feedback from tutor Jo Hepplewhite with our new fortnightly Gaucin Writers’ Room workshops on Monday evenings.
Two years ago my Chalk the Sun partner, Jo, and I were engaged in the thankless task of trying to teach creative writing, with media-savvy pizzazz, in dreary Adult Education Institutes. Learn the basics of English grammar, the poetic form, strategies for journalists, and how to make your business documents stand out from the crowd.Journalism for Social Change (Berkeley) – Aspiring journalists can jump right in and begin crafting stories with the compelling assignments throughout this 6-week course. Free courses include: “Core Skills for the 21st Century Journalist,” “Covering Islam in America,” “Covering Poverty in the Suburbs,” “Document Mining,” and more.The Art of Poetry (Boston University) – What makes a poem compelling?
You can input the URL's from these links into a rss reader and you will be informed whenever somebody posts a new comment. Unless otherwise stated by the author, all content is free for non-commercial reuse, reprint, and rebroadcast, on the net and elsewhere. If you thought there’s little to no science in the stories of the walking dead eating flesh, this course is for you. This college course is about the ways of burning or recycling waste and possible sustainable solutions for reducing the negative effects. The course materials can come in handy for anyone who wants to use a lot of red in designs. However, the realistic ways to cut costs are valuable for all students struggling with their college debt. Once an important family home with a wine press, olive oil store, barns and stables, Casa Ana is now a stylish and comfortable guest house with south-facing terraces, a garden and spectacular river gorge views.

The tutors, Jo and Ardella, were so supportive of every individual in the group regardless of whether they were first time writers or published novelists. Chalk founder Jo Hepplewhite lives in Gaucin and you can book her for personalised individual sessions to help you beat the block, test out ideas or finish a project. Don't worry - unlike the other 10 000 business writing and presentation courses available, we have gone out of our way to design programmes that are engaging, interactive but above all else practical! Opinions are those of the contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by Independent Media Centre Ireland. She also completed the Professional Program in Screenwriting at UCLA before attending the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop.
It’s perfect for starting your journey as a writer or, for the more experienced, finishing a book, script or collection.
We are offering  6 days in 2017 (dates TBA), with all tuition, breakfasts, lunches, two gourmet dinners (the rest at reasonably priced local restaurants) and accommodation from ?645 per person (twin room shared bathroom) to ?815 single ensuite room or  ?845 deluxe en suite double room (single occupancy). Your tutors, Jo Hepplewhite and Ardella Jones, are on hand throughout the retreat so there’s lots of opportunities for informal discussion over dinner and drinks. Figure out your own writing identity, develop the structure of your work, learn editing basics, and consider your publishing options.
Every modern student should probably take this one to study effectively in the era of Facebook and Twitter.
You’ll finish the course with a handful of writing samples ready to become your portfolio.High Impact Business Writing (University of California Irvine) – If you’re looking to up your game in the workplace, this no-nonsense business writing course can help.
Saint Jacinto College) – If you want to start from the beginning (or just need a refresher), this is the course for you. Learn the various parts of speech, the uses of subjects and verbs, and the ways that phrases and clauses can combine to create compelling sentences. This 5-unit course will help you understand how a solid grasp of English grammar can dramatically improve your writing.

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