One must have communication and critical thinking competencies to succeed in the field of law enforcement. Hot Tip: Use academic assessments in coordination with personality assessments for police academy cadets to understand how psychological traits and academic skills of the cadets interact to influence academy behavior. Hot Tip: Emphasize reading and writing skills across the curriculum as part of the valued-added educational assessment process of professional programs, especially law enforcement academies. Hello, my name is Elisa Chamberlain, a current student at Texas A&M University-Central Texas. I recently had a friend who became a member of the law enforcement community, and the assessment process as mentioned above helped determine who was best suited for law enforcement. My goal is to broaden my scope and apply what I learn about program evaluation to my desired career field.
Participants will learn the power of presentation and how it lends to personal and professional credibility. Whether presenting one’s self to a prospective employer or addressing the department in a team meeting, our presentation of our self will have a great impact on how we are received. Participants will get the opportunity to present themselves and receive feedback and coaching in order to be more effective in their presentation of themselves.
This paper attempted to study the reliability and validity of self-assessment used in evaluating the English writing skills of Chinese university students.

References1.Oscarson M (1989) Self-assessment of language proficiency, rationale and applications. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.
I am currently the Director of Assessment and Instructional Design for Drury University College of Graduate and Continuing Studies in Springfield, Missouri. Please add them in the comments section for this post on the aea365 webpage so that we may enrich our community of practice. In order for someone to make a good officer of the law, not only must their critical thinking skills be exceptional, he or she must also possess good reading, writing, and oral skills like you stated. The will also receive the ‘how to’ in delivering not just a good, but an outstanding presentation.
Cadets must have solid professional knowledge of the multiple components of the criminal justice system and critical thinking competencies to effectively perform in each domain.  Strong reading, writing, and communication skills are furthermore beneficial to the many other aspects of law enforcement, including police interviewing, report writing, and testifying in court. For an example, if a cop is called to the stand at court, they must not only accurately convey their side of the story, but their report must be free from error. The results showed that the self-assessment of the English writings skills by Chinese university students was affected by their English proficiency; that is, students in the low-leveled group were not able to self-evaluate their writing skills appropriately, and they often overestimated their own and their classmates’ writing ability, and the scores from self-assessment and peer-assessment of the high-leveled group were similar to those of teachers’. I also work closely with Tony Bowers, Director of Drury University’s Law Enforcement Academy, on academy assessment initiatives.

If their report has mistakes, the lawyer will be able to cast shadow of doubt on the officer’s capabilities and make him or her appear to be incapable of doing law work. When as you discussed, it is the evidence based applied academic research tool that enable potential cadets to achieve the title of being Americas finest. Hence, self-assessment and peer-assessment, as testing devices, were not suitable for students in the low-leveled group. It has been through this unique partnership that I have seen the value of using evidence-based academic assessment tools in predicting cadet persistence, academic achievement, and academy and career success. Knowing the justice system and not just being familiar with it are vital in the decision making process in real time. Peter Lang, Oxford, pp 237–2554.Freeman MI (2000) A Self-evaluation instrument for the measurement of student proficiency levels. Being able to listen with attention can make that tour of duty a front page headliner if not properly handled. Our justice system is reforming and cadets must effectively and efficiently prove their cognitive abilities to be up to par and technical skills to match.

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