Day II - Enrichment Program: Teaching English Classes VI – VIII was organized by the Delhi Public School Society New Delhi, Council of Education Management Human Resource Development Centre, New Delhi at DPS Jammu. The session started with a film on Assessment by Council of Education Management, Human Resource Development Centre.
Dinesh Singh, Vice Chancellor of Delhi University where he focused on the objectives of assessment by enabling children to progress in life while connecting teaching and learning in order to assess students. Director, Director Council of Education Management, Incharge Human Resource Development Centre, DPS Society, New Delhi, urged teachers to focus on why, what and who to assess during the process of teaching & learning.The II- session on ‘Assessment of Listening and Speaking skills’ was delivered by Ms.

The session enriched teachers about enhancing practical English language skills, apart from simple reading and writing. Session - III on ‘Developing Writing Skills’ and session -IV on ‘Using Multiple Intelligence Theory in English Language Teaching (ELT) and Learning’ were addressed by Dr.
She motivated all the teachers to develop strong writing skills through daily practice and determination.
She also laid emphasis on using Multiple Intelligence Theory in English Language Teaching (ELT) and Learning in designing English Language curricula and classroom activities.Ms.

Illa Vij , ELT Consultant, Author, Teacher Trainer explained the use of Literature as an indispensable technique for teaching language skills and language areas and an informative session was delivered by Prof . She helped teachers in learning that how to use various articulators – lips, tongue, soft palette to form the individual sounds.

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