This resume was either written or reviewed by a professional resume writer on Susan Ireland's Resume Team. Filed under Administrative Assistant Resume Samples, Human Resources Resume Samples and tagged Age Discrimination, Career Change, Functional Resume Samples, Promotions.
It was first written in the 1990s in the functional resume format because, at the time, functional resumes were an effective way for career changers to highlight their transferable skills. I did this because most employers today do not accept functional resumes — they often don't even read them.

This career changer wanted to highlight his transferable skills by creating subheadings under the Relevant Experience section. Because his relevant experience came from one place of employment, he listed that employer at the top of the Relevant Experience section. If you would like to learn more resume writing tips, please see 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume. To see why the combination format is better, please look closely at the functional resume below.

The transferable skill headings help David (not his real name) redefine his experience so it markets him for his new career.
Then go to Combination Resume Sample: Human Resources Generalist and see how much better it is in the combination resume format.

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