There are two options for writing a narrative essay: in first person narrator or third person narrator point of view.
In order to make the story clear and transparent, the writer should use a number of details. After selecting the narrative essay topic, a writer should concentrate his attention on recalling details. Revision part is created for students to review, modify and reorganize the work from the draft with the main goal of making it perfect. To make the story more interesting, the writer should use flashbacks as long as the reader can clearly follow them. The smallest detailes such as time and date, weather and season, place and setting should be included into the essay.
However, it would be a benefit if the writer uses plot-building techniques and include some tiny elements of fiction.

None of these ladies measure up (which is sad) but the site's take-downs are as hilarious as they are comprehensive. Good essay writer should place personal experience within larger theme show the lesson learned. The first person narrator provides the best perspective if the writer is part of the action.
The following tips will help you to follow essay format with the help of basic steps of writing.
When the student chooses the topic, he should keep in mind that the incident he describes should be significant for the writer as only in this case the essay will be successful.
To write an effective essay the writer should not only tell an interesting topic, but also show the story’s meaning. If the action described in the essay is event based upon other sources, it would be better to use third person narrator.

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